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My name is Brian Montgomery [protected]) and my tax preparation experience was unacceptable this year.

On my first session, the tax preparer (I don't want to mention her by name) was completely inadequate and incompetent. She was a few minutes late, which I understood. After helping me for 23 minutes, she excused herself because she needed to help another client. She was gone for 58 minutes (I paid attention to the time). My session bled into my son's time (he was scheduled after me). She miscalculated several times and accidentally omitted my property taxes. That was a $2, 600 omission.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Van Nuys, CA When she was done (well into my son's session time), she said that I owed over $1, 500 federal. I knew that was incorrect, without looking into the numbers. We left and rescheduled with another preparer (Ludmila Gromova). We had used her the year before. It turns out that I only owed $418, which was what I had expected. However, paying over $500 for the preparation is more than twice as much as I expected - especially after wasting almost two hours of my time with the previous preparer. My son is going to try using turbo tax, instead of using Block, simply because of the processing fee. I doubt that we will return next year.

Apr 10, 2018
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  • Ma
      Apr 16, 2018

    Wow...Brian Montgomery!! I just had the same type experience on April 13, 2018 with an H & R Block Preparer
    (Ms. Y. Mclean) in Linden, NJ, when filing a 1040 FORM for my Year 2017 taxes. She kept stopping intermittently and spent over 30 mins talking to me about her personal life while working on my taxes. Which I felt very uncomfortable about for fear of error on her part. When she was done with my Federal taxes, the preparer told me that I owed $16, 301.00. I almost fell off my chair!
    I told her NO that can't be right! I have NEVER owed THAT much money to the IRS!
    She continued to say that it was correct. Finally, I said to her, "I am DISABLED...
    and on a fixed income. Doesn't that count
    for something?" She then says to me,
    "Ohhhhh, you're disabled?" I said, " YES.
    I gave you the SSA1099 Form." She says, "Oh, that will make a difference." I mean she saw me as I walked in with the aid of a cane, at the onset of our session. She had to re-calculate my taxes. She did so in a very rushed manner. It turned out that I only owed $3, 307.00, which is still alot. If I had NOT said anything to the Preparer, I would have left the H & R Block Office in Linden, NJ, thinking I owed $16, 301.00. Ontop of that, I requested the Preparer to complete an " Installment Agreement" to pay the IRS back the $3, 307.00. She (Ms. Y. Mclean) told me, I'd have to come back another day, because she didn't have time that day to complete the Agreement, because she had another client waiting for her in the waiting room. I was very upset with her response. Because had she NOT omitted the Form SSA1099 and continuously stopped to talk about her personal life, then she would NOT have messed up preparing my taxes and would also have had time to complete
    an "Installment Agreement". I did agree to
    come back for completion of that Agreement, just to be done with it!
    Upon going to the receptionist desk to pay for the preparation of my taxes, I used my
    Debit Card. Ms. Y. Mclean stood right there
    next to me inputting some of the info'
    I did NOT see the COST. NOR did she inform me of the COST to prepare my taxes prior to nor after preparation of my Year 2017 taxes. I assumed that the cost was $212.00, as it was last year to prepare my YEAR 2016 taxes in which the preparer used FORM 1040A. But it turned out that I was charged $352.00 for preparing my YEAR 2017 taxes. I could see if I owned property and had a business, etc. But, I have nothing, except the income I reported to her and very small mutual fund of which she was unsure how to input it in the computer. I DID NOT find out that I was charged the $352.00 prep fee, until two days later on April 15, 2018, when I just decided to go online to check my banking statement.
    When I saw that the tax preparer (Ms. Y. Mclean) from H & R Block had charged my
    $352.00 instead of last year's $212.00,
    I WAS LIVID!! I called the
    Manager Mario (?) Rodriguez on 4/15/18.
    He said he would look over my tax prep, and get back to me on 4/16/18 @ 11:00 am.
    He did call me back, offered NO resolve to benefit me. I told him that my income is fixed, as I get a pension and social security disability. There were NO real changes that occurred to my income. So why did the preparer use a 1040A Form
    this Year 2018 versus a 1040 Form Year 2017. Also, WHY am I being charged a ($352.00)preparation fee which is $140.00 MORE THAN last Year 2017's preparation fee of $212.00 ???
    I am hoping that this complaint gets to the right person/people, so that they can offer me some assistance in getting some of that prep fee back. Also, I want people to know that this is the second bad experience that I've had with H & R Block.
    Some of their preparer's need added training, and the fee's are waaaaay
    too high! I can say UNEQUIVOCALLY that I will NEITHER refer NOR deal with H & R Block ever again!!! I'm sure the Bloch brother's would NOT appreciate losing a good customer such as me!

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  • Ha
      Apr 13, 2019

    Hi Brian,
    I used Ludmila G last year and had a great experience with her as well. Im sorry you got the awful one first. I feel lucky I got Ludmila first. My question is THIS YEAR 2019 I can find NO trace of her. HR Block won't tell me anything other than she is not there. Did you happen to keep track fo her? Thanks for your post. Have a great day :)

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