HR Block Emerald Card / forgot to mention the fees

Houston, United States

I hardly write reviews on anything because I can usually find the pros and cons in everything and accept them. This, however, really got to me. Never will I get an Emerald Card again. The HR Block guy told me it was a quicker way to get my money than having a check sent to my house. Also I would be able to get my money out when I needed to with no fees. So, I accepted his offer and got screwed. If you go through these "no fee" banks that the card says to go through, you'll get feed. It's a $1 fee just to check your amount. When I called the banker to tell him I wanted the money taken out and put into my personal bank account he said "That's not an easy process. It'll take months and require a lot of paper information." He just insisted that I pay the fees for taking my money out through an ATM machine or accept cash back at Walmart. Also HR Block guys wont help. They know absolutely nothing. This whole experience is pathetic. Its my money and I don't have access to do what I want with it. Stop holding my money hostage! I do not want to go through your c****y bank!!

Mar 17, 2014

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