H&R Blockcharging for tax prep that I cannot file

I had H&R block prepare my taxes which they said it would be 9.99 but ended up being over 30 just for my federal then the prepared my state cost me another 40$ and they e filed it with my state which rejected it cause you can't file renters rebate on lne however they tried and now I can't even exile my state at all I called the service 3 days in a row for help the first day I was on hold for 2.5 hrs than I gave up the next day I got someone the told me they had to transfer me and hung up twice then left me on hold again the third time they finally talk to me told me I needed to go to my local H&R block office and made me appointment I went there today and they said there's nothing they could do because now my state taxes are stuck someware in the system and the only way this problem could be fixed is paper file my whole state income taxes which I have to do myself and it could take up to six week or longer before I can get my 3000 refund which I counted on getting them a lot sooner, However it only took them a few minutes to take my payment I feel they owe me everything I paid them and a lot more for all the time I spent trying to get this problem resolved, I plan on sending this complaint to my states consumer complaint agency and the attorney generals office in my state for people like me who has a disabled husband and three kids to support and living pay check to paycheck working two jobs I really need this money to try to get caught up on my bills, what they did was not right at all and I think they need a training course of what you can and can't e file when doing people's taxes!!! Edith Ducharme

Feb 05, 2015

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