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H&R Block / the amount that they charged us was absolutely criminal

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Usually my father-in-law goes to a friend of his to take care of both his and our taxes. This year she was unavailable so we decided to go to H&R block . Our taxes were extremely simple this year to the point where we could have easily done them ourselves however neither my husband nor I were confident enough to take on the challenge. We sat down with the tax man...honestly a college freshman doing taxes for H&R block to make extra cash. We were in there about 20 minutes when he told us that our fee for getting our taxes done was $300.00! We were completely outraged being that my father-in-law's friend did more work last year for us than he did and only charged us $60.00! What they were proposing we pay was roughly about 10% of our total tax return. My husband just found a job and I am unemployed and looking after our 2 kids both under the age of 7 so we don't have that much money. We thought it was absolutely criminal the amount that they charged us and we called the company to complain. The first woman we talked to had us on hold for about ten minutes so we hung up and waited about a half hour and called again. The next woman that I talked to was extremely rude and condensending towards me. I will never use this service again and will tell others not to go with these crooks in the future. I plan to learn how to do my own taxes next year.

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  • Te
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    As a 10 yr tax pro working for the company, allow me to be even more condescending towards you. Did you REALLY think the price charged by some friend working in a spare bedroom or in a basement is the way to judge professional services and what prices they might charge? If your taxes were that simple, then you'd have tackled them yourselves and been done with it. What you're really telling us is that they weren't simple, that they needed an expert hand to see them through to completion, and that you're mad because you didn't get something for nothing. Fair summation?

    I do think our overall prices are too high. But, even if we reduced them by 33% across the board, customers would still be griping because there is some friend somewhere pimping out Turbo Tax (or some software program) and doing returns for a dime a dozen and we're held to that standard. Never mind the countless hours of study we invest and the expectation of customers to be perfect 100% of the time, which is impossible in live tax preparation scenarios. Maybe that fresh-faced kid did your taxes in 20 minutes because his investment of time in working for us made him that skillful.

    I'm sorry you are not happy with your experience, but it seems more likely you wanted a reason to complain rather than be happy. I cannot imagine you being satisfied even if we had *only* charged $150. Please do learn how to do your own taxes next year.

  • Ta
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    Ten Year Tax Pro's response is somewhat harsh but ultimately true.

    Merkel should make the investment in herself and learn to do her own return as should every

  • Mo
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    What was "criminal" is that you expected a professional company to charge you relatively the same price as a friend did. Anyone can see how ridiculous that is. You're obviously just a complainer who wants something for nothing.

  • Te
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    HRB has admittedly raised prices too much in the past 10 years. It's almost as if they decided the brand ID left by Henry and Richard (Henry is still living, Richard is deceased) translated as providing Cadillac service at Chevrolet prices.

    That wasn't the case. They've been raising prices for so long that they're starting to reap what they've sown these past many years. BUT given this modern age we live in, I stand by my *harsh* comments (per taxprep4u) in that many customers...of every business...simply seem to want to complain anymore. In the office where I work we had a perfect situation happen which illustrates the gun under which we work.

    A client had made an appt during PEAK and was upset when we were late in getting to her. She complained loudly and profusely (though without gutter language) about us not respecting her time. She rec'd a $50 coupon from the mgr so as to (basically) get her to quiet down. Then as the interview began, she pointedly reminded us she needed to be elsewhere as she had other appointments. Refusing to utilize our "Drop Off" service, we proceeded to do her taxes. Because they were on the less-complicated side, they were done in about 20 minutes. She then began to loudly complain that we'd rushed through her taxes and *probably* had made a ton of errors. As the mgr again tried to mollify her, guess what the client asked for...yes...another $50 coupon. She was refused by the mgr and then proceeded to storm out of the office (now) peppering her commentary with the occasional r-rated cursewords.

    She (apparently) left our office and then called home office, reporting to them that our entire office was rude to her and unprofessional in general, and demanded her taxes for free. Guess what???!!!??? Home office agreed and issued us a coupon code to enter, giving her everything, except for possible banking products, free of charge. Yes, they sold us down the river over worries about one customer's opinion. As the customer sat in the office and we completed the paperwork on her taxes, she proceeded to make sure everyone around her knew "we'd screwed up" and that "the company had given HER her taxes for free because of it". Our policies prohibit us from being able to say a thing so we had to sit there and take it.

    I guess this is the mark of an advanced society??

  • Pr
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    That is why I do not like appointments during PEAK! I had a client this year who was late for her PEAK appontment. Iwas then busy doing another client (a walk-in). Since I was busy she did agree to do our drop off service. Since I was busy the rest of the day and the next (in PEAK) I did not have her taxes completed at the end of the next day. I had finished all the material she had left, but was still short some information (bank interest and some other items). She demanded her papers back, was politley given them, and stormed out. She was not loud or abusive. Drop-offs during PEAK do not get priority service. We probably did not explain this well to her. I'll bet she comes back next year, and to me.

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