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H&R Block / scam and cheating!

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I have been scammed by H&R Block and want them exposed. This has been going on for over two weeks now. Not only would I like my refund, but I want someone to hear me because I’m not keeping quiet about this. I am going to post this everywhere I can and if even ONE person responds it will have been worth it.

I would have to guess that my appearance (pseudo punk/goth) led them to believe I would not complain (or maybe realize) what they had done. But I actually am a shop owner (Drytear) and have owned a number of businesses. I simply will not tolerate this form of behavior/service. I have contacted numerous news medias as well as made a complaint to the better business bureau. I've made frequent phone calls to their district office AND main customer service numbers, only to leave message after message for someone to call me back (which they have not).

Here is the email I have been sending to everyone at H&R Block that explains my issue:

____________begin email_______________
To whoever will listen:

I was basically scammed by your establishment. I went to H&R because I needed the money right away. I already had my taxes prepared by a CPA and just wanted to have the refund disbursed to me immediately (as I had heard about on TV/radio). I explained to the accountant (who was there dressed in what seemed like pajamas and ignored me twice for a friend and then for a phone call when I had waited patiently for almost 30 minutes for her) that her work was easy, she just needed to quickly file my prepared taxes so I could receive the refund immediately.

Now (to my understanding), I have been denied something called a 3-min loan and a bank loan and I have to wait 8-14 days for a check that will be mailed to HER! This is unacceptable. I have basically just paid to have my taxes disbursed LATER than if I would have e-filed through my CPA for free. (AND TO SOMEONE OTHER THAN MYSELF! Whatever happened to direct deposit?) AND WHY AM I PAYING YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS? What exactly did you do for me? I was scammed and I'm calling the better business bureau and I am calling EVERY TV/radio/newspaper agency in my area to complain about your disgusting service.

ada ruiz-carle

PS: I also called your district office over 20 times... I get an answering machine at each attempt. Very nice. I feel much better now. :-/ I also called your main customer service line and was on hold for 35 minutes, before I finally just hung up the phone (as my cell phone minutes are dwindling along with my patience for your business).

____________end email_______________

I know I am angry right now... but this couldn't have happened at a worse time for me.

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  • Rg
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I work for Block. You went in to Block to get a loan with HSBC bank. Since your CPA already prepared your return when you went to Block to get the loan to have money in your had sooner than getting it from the IRS you are an express filer. The Block fee for an express filer is $100. This fee has nothing to do with the HSBC bank fees. The tax preparer has to enter your entire return just like it is done for a client who is having his/her return prepared by Block. The $100 fee covers the time and expertise of the Block preparer. In addition to entering your return for the loan application, the preparer is looking out for you by making sure the return is accurate. Any other fees above that are the HSBC bank fees and have nothing to do with Block. After entering the return, then it is time to send it electronically to the IRS and HSBC bank. Block acts as a facilitator, or bank agent, between you and HSBC bank. E-filing to the IRS has no charge; e-filing is free. Block has no control over HSBC bank and whether it approves a loan or does not approve a loan. Your refund is the collateral for the loan. You are borrowing against your refund. If HSBC turns you down for the loan, then your beef is with them, not Block. The bank, by law, has 30 days to notify you why you were denied the loan. You also get a free credit report. When applying for a loan, from whatever source, you run into the possibility that the loan application may not be approved. This is not the fault of the person or the company who helped you apply; the issue lies between you and the bank you applied to for a loan. You shouldn't be angry. What you did was try for a loan and you were turned down. It's similar to applying for a loan at the bank, there is an application fee at a bank. Paying the application fee doesn't guarantee you will get the loan. By the way, the express filer fee is NOT a loan application fee. I was just trying to give you an example of how it costs someone to apply and how the cost doesn't guarantee approval. I hope this explanation helps you.

  • Au
      24th of Jan, 2009
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  • Ji
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    If you are attempting to get your refund back quicker than the IRS direct deposit (From the IRS directly) you are GOING TO PAY FEES!!! ANY money you get before the IRS releases the money to you or a bank WILL BE A LOAN!!! THERE WILL BE FEES!!! if you apply for a loan... THERE WILL BE FEES!!! if you get turned down, it is the BANK who did that, NOT H&R Block.

    NOW, are there unprofessional employees at H&R Block? Sometimes yes! If you run into one of those, stop the interview and ask for another preparer or loacation! If they refuse, feel free to go elsewhere, but PLEASE let the company know so that it can be fixed in the future.

    I hope next year goes much smother for everyone.

  • Gr
      7th of Nov, 2009
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    these two websites are fraudstars please block them to avoid chating more people

  • Up
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    For the last 3 years my wife and I have filed Jointly using Express Tax (Owned By H&R Block) to do our taxs since it was closer to our house.This year Express closed down and referred us to H&R Block. So we went in December and got a Emerald Advance Loan of $600 from them and was approved Right then. Now its january 12th and we got our W-2's and went in to do our taxs.We filed for the 1-2 hour RAL like we have done for the past 3 years and Was Denied(No reason Given).So they pushed us towards the 2-3 day RAL telling us that we would have a better chance of getting approved for it.Now 2 days Later I am recieving calls from people claiming to be from H&R block asking for our Social security numbers and other information(I NEVER GIVE THESE OUT THEY SHOULD HAVE THEM ON FILE) So i Call the office where we had our taxs prepared and inform them of it and find out that We were DENIED for the 2-3 Day Ral also. But H&R Block is still going to charge us the fees for the 1-2 hour RAL and the fees for the 2-3 day RAL.Now we can expect to recieve our check in 10-15 days with almost $1200 taken out for their fees. This is the Last year I will ever file with them in Gainesville Florida. Now I have 2 bills that are due that i can not pay right now and I am out $1200 more while they sit back and smile about it. THREE YEARS DOING THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR WITH NO CHANGES TO FILING STATUS OR EMPLOYMENT AND THEY DO THIS. THEY SHOULD HAVE A GENERAL IDEA OF WHAT THE REQUIREMENTS ARE EACH YEAR FOR PEOPLE APPLYING FOR THEIR RALS.

    And trying to talk to them is like talking to a 5 yr old about Global warming.

  • In
      23rd of Jan, 2010
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    was a loyal custermer Never going back got loan in december filed income tax denied rapid refund which i get every year total cost 1400 am still waiting for refund bank fees loan fees rapid refund fees card fees they are scamming millions of dollars every tax season

  • Gi
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    Don't you people know that this country has changed? Do you pay attention to our economy and what has happened to our banking system? It is harder than ever to get a loan now because of what has happened, This is why you were denied!!

  • Ch
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Yes, It's true. H&R Block is ripping people off. I am a single mother of four. I am a nurse. I work hard but with 4 kids sure did not need to be ripped off by this dis-honest and un-ethical company. We are in big trouble because I took out a big loan from a title loan place based on the block lie and now they are trying to take my vehicle. I hope they are happy. I hope their lies catch up with them soon. Don't EVER EVER do business with H&R block.

    I have news for anyone who blames this problem on HSBC. If an H&R block rep tells me I've been approved, they are accountable for telling me that! NOT THE BANK! HR block is a low life company who is preying on single mothers just like me who are desperate for money. They are lying to us up front to take more of out money just because we are desperate to get it sooner. HR are all complete sleeze!

  • Ra
      25th of May, 2010
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    i filed my tax with H&R block 2008 every thing went ok, 2009 i filed my tax with H&R block i did not get back my tax little do i know that some one used my 2008 info to filed for 2009 i did not get back my money . they say they have a very good security system to protect every one info but how come mine is out on the street and the person file their tax on my behalf if any one have the same problem please email me at, my lawyers is working on mine we need to take a stand and deal with this nonsense . so please email me .

  • An
      24th of Feb, 2016
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    I have been going to HR Block since 1989 I have never had any problems with them I even got a emerald card from them a couple of years ago. But this year 2016 as been a night mare from hell. They charged me an arm and a leg to do my taxes and it only took her 20 mins. it would have taken her less time if she knew what she was doing. maybe her having a cold did something to her thinking. This year they charged me 35.00 to put it on my emerald card THAT I GOT FROM THEM!!! how stupid is that. Plus I couldn't get my MD put on my card cause the women didn't know how to do it with the emerald car. When it was all done and they tell you how much your getting back usually there fee is already deducted from there but when I got my return I was short 219.95 I called the IRS and was on the phone with them for 2 hours only to find out the money was HR Blocks fee for doing my taxes. So not only did I not get what I was told, it was a nightmare to get it done there. NEVER AGAIN!!! Beware people HR Block is a total scam. my 8 yr old granddaughter could do a better job then they did.

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