Hp Officejet Pro K550 / printer is hopeless!

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  • Pa
      Nov 24, 2008

    I got one for my father. The first failed all around the first day. We took it back, and got a new one. It would work for a while, and work well, but then fail. We had to constantly update firmware and drivers. Now suddenly nothing will work. We have followed every troubleshooting step, yet it is dead in the water. Here's the thing: We bought this because it was supposed to be more reliable and an easy printing solution (Dad's in his know what I mean). Instead, it has tied us up for sometime. What a waste of money. I think replacing the printheads would work, but there's no way we're going to fork out that kind of cash.

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  • Da
      Nov 24, 2008

    I must be lucky too. I've had this printer for at least 2 years, still have the same print heads it came with. Rarely jams, always stops printing when ink runs out. Does shake though if not in a secure place. My biggest complaint is that like EVERY PRINTER I'VE EVER OWNED(!) is that it does an Awful job of printing envelopes. I can spend up to an hour finding just the right place to position the envelopes so that the printer will even take the envelopes with out rejection. At least 2 out of 10 envelopes is so badly printed (Crooked, wrinkled etc) as to be unusable. I'd pay good money for a printer that actually does this one function if nothing else. I am a slave driver with printers. If they were horses, I'd be arrested for cruelty! I ride them into the ground and get another after the service bill exceeds half the original cost of the printer. I probably print a case of paper year, 2-3 dozen full color pictures (works fine) with this printer and won't buy another until it's "dead".

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  • Su
      Mar 09, 2009

    am considering using Royal Mail Smart Stamp to print postage labels to then fix onto envelopes and packages - suspect this may well be cheaper than the franking machine we currently use (costing a fortune in ink). Find this OfficeJet Pro K550 a nightmare for feeding paper - difficult to oad paper in. Does anyone have any info about using it with franking labels - is it possible?

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  • Op
      Apr 19, 2009

    My daughter's boss had an relatively new HP-550 and had become so frustrated with it jamming that she told my daughter to take it "outa here". She obliged, knowing that I am a tinkerer and would enjoy a challenge. At home I watched it smash sheet after sheet of paper. The problem seemed obvious to me so I opened the printer, polished and lubricated the paper handling track and now, for over two years, no more wrinkled paper. I offered to send it back to my daughter's place of employment, but they said that they didn't want to see it. OK, fine with me, thank you! As for it using too much ink, I don't care (if, in fact, it's true), I just refill the cartridges and print anything and everything that I want.

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  • My
      May 25, 2009

    I bought this printer a year ago and to date i have only printed Fifty pages of rubish on it. it did not work out of the box and when I tried to make a call about it I was on the phone forever and got nowhere. I retried to get the printer to work and went as far as to buy new ink for it and still i have no results I have given up on this machine I spent a lot of money and have nothing to show for it. All of my printers were up to this point bought from HP AS AND FROM NOW I WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE. I feel let down by HP.

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  • Gi
      Aug 13, 2009

    i read have of the comments... i have had this printer for 6 years, I LOVE IT., .. It prints the best pictures which is why i bought it. i rarley have jams maybe 4 in 6 years. sound like most folks dont know how to take care of it. IT IS THE BEST... I ONLY CAME ON HERE TO INSTALL THE HEADER CLEANING SPFTWARE. I HAVE LINES GOING DOWN MY PRINTER AND YES ITS BEEN 6 YEARS OF PERFECT KODAK PICT, , AS IF I HAD IT PROFES DONE. TAKE CARE OF YOUR RIGHT AND YOULL GET ALOT OF LIFE OUT OF IT.

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  • Gr
      Mar 25, 2010

    I have been running this printer now for over 2 years and have had ZERO problems. This printer has been the office workhorse and I wish I would have bought a second one when they were on clearance!

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  • Wi
      Jun 24, 2010

    I use the one at my work. And it always fails on me. I think it has a mind of it's own and just doesn't like me.

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  • Th
      Jun 26, 2010

    I've been using this printer for over four years, so far I've printed 5802 pages with it, including a two-digit number of copies of my master's thesis (on highest quality setting) and a good number of photos as well as proofs for several books. The printer certainly has its flaws - it's huge, noisy and will shake apart any table it sits on, and of course there are the feed problems others have mentioned. On the other hand, I've never had any trouble in the ink department, the photo output is gorgeous (which is unusual for an office printer) and regular b/w printing is very fast. And running costs are truly low, even using original HP consumables only. I'm still on the original two print heads, which are by now nearly two years and a half past the end of their warranty, and ink cost is really low with XL cartridges. I think the Pro K550 gives good value overall and I will keep it till it falls apart; yet I can understand why its reputation is so bad that HP renamed the product line.

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