Hooters Of New Port Richey / managers at hooters

I think my biggest complaint about Hooters is its managers, it just amazes me that a company would hire men who clearly have no respect for women what so ever as managers. I have seen managers make their girls beg, they have belittled them in front of customers, I have seen them make the girls cry just get get a laugh, I have also seen sexual harassment by the managers and unfairness in giving stations to girl depending on their merchandise sales, the girls have to actually buy merchandise them selves to be able to get a good section or tables. It is absolutely disgusting, how the owners of Hooters would let such harassment go on in their famous establishment just boggles my mind. I have been a customer of Hooters for a while but just can't stand to see how managers are allowed to treat their employees. I would hope that owners would step up and lay some ground rules down for managers to followed before their are some really major law suits.


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