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Dear Madam/Sir,



I am to inform you with pain that I booked Honda City ZX with M/S Sugoi Motors (Unit of Ring Road Honda) Najaf Garh Road, Moti Nagar, New delhi with a commitment for the delivery on 18 Jul 2008, being the wedding anniversary day of my son Saket Mangla. But Sugoi Motors failed to deliver the car on that day inspite of my repeated calls to Mr Sheetal Preet singh, The Manager there. He started avoiding my calls, then I had to visit personally to him on 18 Jul 08 and asked him as to why he was avoiding my calls, his reply was that I was not the only customer, he has got so many other customers too.what a polite reply from a show-room manager? On my request to expedite the delivery, his reply was that he would deliver the car only if he gets the SMS from the bank regarding loan approval. When I told him that I wanted the car for this particular occasion why did not he coordinate with the bank well in time, his reply was that bank takes its own time. Then I requested him to take another cheque of Rs Four Lakh from me as a guarantee for the loan, he declined that offer also as if he was adamant not to deliver the car for this occassion. Inspite of my repeated requests, he never bothered to talk to the bank official to check the current status. If Mr Singh was unable to get the things done from the bank, then why did he commit to deliver the car on 18 Jul 08 at the time of booking. So the very purpose of buying this car was defeated by the callous and negative attitude of Mr Sheetal Partap Singh. Next day again I visited the showroom and I found Mr Karan Kapur sitting in Manager's Chair. I narrated my story to him, then he told me that bank's approval has not been recived yet but he would deliver the car without the approval and he deliverd the car on 20 Jul 08. I want only one clarification that when Mr Karan Kapur can deliver the car without bank's approval why Mr sheetal did not show this coutsey when he knew that I want the car very badly for that occassion. Is it not desirable from a manager?

After taking the delivery on 20 Jul 08 at 1500 hrs when we reached our place we found that one of the side mirrors was not moving when we tried to move it with some strength, it came out. We brought this thing to the notice of Mr Singh, his immediate response was that we will have to pay Rs. 2500/- for the mirror. On our request that we are not supposed to pay as it was a manufacturing defect, his reply was that why did we not check each and every thing before taking the delivery. Then I requested him that its not possible to check each and every part of the vehicle before taking the delivery. He said that since we did not check before taking the delivery, we will have to bear the cost mentioned by him. Immediately I rang up their VP Mr Jain, On his intervention Mr Abid from their workshop approached my son and taken out the mirror from the car. Mr Abid and Ms Dimple told my son to bring the car other day and mirror would be refixed without any paymnet. But next day we received a message from Mr Singh that we will have to pay the cost of the mirror. I am failed to understand why contradictory statements are given by differnt officials of the same show room. Its sheer harassement to a customer. Then I again contacted Mr Jain, after that I received a call from Ms Jasbir CRM of M/S Sugoi Motors telling me that the mirror will be replaced free of cost.

Now comes the question of Transparency. There is no transparency in the allotment of Registration Numbers. These numbers are kept secret from the customers. I requested for two numbers i.e. 3033 or 3060 but Mr Singh declined both the numbers with a plea that both the numbers are on hold by other customers. when I asked him to show me the booking of those cusomers for whom these numbers have been kept on hold he declined that too and alloted me 3045. Had their been transparency I would have got the number of my choice.

let us come to the upkeep of the showroom. Air Conditioners of the lobby were not switched on. It was very humid atmosphere inside the lobby. Thay cannot take an excuse that power was not there as power was very much there. Its my suggestion that Honda Car Show rooms should maintain some standards.

At last my submission is that the Manager of this show room Mr Sheetal Preet Singh is insulting the dignity of the chair where he is sitting. This chair not only repreasents M/S Sugoi Motors, it represents Honda Siel Cars too. His irrisponsible behaviour brings disrepute to M/S Honda Siel Cars. Could you pl look into the matter and request this gentleman to behave in a responsible manner. Show room officials should be strict to their commitment. There should not be contradictory statements of different officials of the same show room. They must maintain some decorum.


V K Mangla
Mobile: [protected]
Tele: [protected], [protected]

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