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Home Depot Vs. Lowes / wrong way to treat customers

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I'd like to share with you an incident that has happened at my local Home Depot and the difference Lowes made for me. I have always been a loyal shopper of Home Depot and since I do not like change I was never planning on visiting any competitors.

Well Sunday, Aug 12 I decided to go to my local Home Depot to spend about $12,000.00 just on my kitchen. I also have other rooms to take care of but this was first. When I entered the kitchen design area I decided to look at all the selections they had and I liked a lot of them. When I passed the desks where they help you design your kitchen I noticed one associate helping a gentlemen and about two other associates towards the front of the kitchen area. I think the other associates were there for the washer/dryer section so I didn't bother them. Well ten minutes has now passed and after walking all through the department a few times I kept coming back to the desk where the associate was helping the customer. I know for a fact she saw me but was busy. I could sense they were finishing up and waited right there. When they were done she got up and walked right by me, I mean right in front of me! I figured she had to finish a transaction or something but instead she went to where the other two associates were and just started talking and relaxing with them.

I hovered right around her area and finally leaned against her desk. All of a sudden another associate named Corrie came around the corner and asked if there was anything I needed. I said "I would love it if someone helped me". She sat down at the desk and I asked her if she could help me since I didn't want the associate who just walked by me to help me. Corrie said she was in the middle of something but said "You should've said something?"

I didn't know as a customer I have certain rules to follow in your store. Why didn't she acknowledge my presence and then tell me she would be with me in a few? Nothing!!! Corrie kind of looked at me funny so I said could I please talk to the store manager. She told me he wasn't in.

I figured he wouldn't be, I mean it was Sunday. I said then get me someone else. Within 30 seconds two guys are standing there right in front of me. Asking me what the problem was and that I shouldn't be yelling. Now I'm pissed, you send two assistant managers who act like I am a hazard to the store, embarrassing me, and telling me I'm yelling. Not only was I not yelling, I didn't even talk loud. Come to find out my neighbors where there and when they passed by they saw the whole thing and later that evening asked why I was surrounded by these people.

Thanks a lot!

This assistant manager 'Steve' although he was professional could not understand what was wrong. When I told him what Corrie had done and how I felt he told me not to talk about her and that we can get you someone else to help you. I said this is not right that she just gives me a look like something is wrong and tells me I had screwed up on getting help. Steve says we'll talk to her privately and that I am not addressing him when talking about the problem. Are you guys hiring thugs for some made up security department? I really don't care what kind of story they give you because the bottom line is I had all the money to hand over to Home Depot, Corrie could not see why it was wrong for telling me, a customer that I didn't do my job by not saying anything.

The two Assistant Manager guys came to the conclusion that I should shop somewhere else instead of offering ways to resolve this issue or sorry this store could not satisfy you but flat out that I need to be spending my money somewhere else. Is this what you want?

I even told them that I don't want to go anywhere else and could they find me someone else. They said yes but the designer "Mark" was not in that day. Steve finally gave me the store manager's card and I left upset and confused.

I know this is not what Home Depot wants and the rest of the store has great people there. I like them and know some of them from experiences there. Now it seems this has to come to an end because you have one department and two commando style managers that think I'm out of control.

Now here's what happened when I left Home Depot.

I go to Lowes and walk to the kitchen department, there is one guy on the computer and another lady finishing something up. The lady stands up and says "Hello, I can help you in a just a minute. I'm just setting up an appointment." She proceeds to help me, sends me on my way with a ton of how-to books and examples and sets an appointment with me for Sat Aug 18. I walk out of the store and even the hot-dog lady told me to have a nice day. Do you know how good that felt?

I did call Home Depot customer care and they were very helpful and again I know this is not the stores way to treat someone, I'm not dumb. I just hope that someone tells Corrie that she should address things differently so she can grow to be the best associate for you. I tried to include Vinny the store manager in this email but his address is no good on his card.

Thank you,
Sal Warmann

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  • Sa
      19th of May, 2008
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    While reading this, I could have sworn it was a woman until I read your name. Sal? Really? As a man, you should have a little more assertiveness and make your presence known while dealing with customer service. Home Depot doesn't pay at the highest range of the spectrum so don't expect people to just shine your shoes on the way in and pour you a latte while you wait. When someone finally tried to help you, without you going up to anyone, you still managed to get all pissy. This is the real world. Grow and pair. Bad customer service at a store like the Home Depot is nothing new. Guess what, you'll find the same thing at Lowes as well if you hit it just right. I only found your rant while searching for info on some scam email. I can't believe a man would even write about this crap. It happens everyday. If I wasn't waiting for someone at my job, I wouldn't even be writing this myself. I just wanted to blast you cause I was shocked to see a dude at the end of this letter. Here's a tip, you brag about how much money you have to spend on a kitchen, then go to a real kitchen vendor and buy your cabinets there. What do you think Home Depot and Lowes do?

  • Ca
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    I totally agree with the complaint agains Lowes and Home Depot. I would say 95% out of 100 do not know what they are doing. It is certainly not anywhere near what you see on TV. I live in Brooklyn, NY and they are the horrible.

  • Te
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    The people you are dealing with have never run their own company and have no idea how they should treat people. Those of us who deal with the public do whatever it takes to keep our clients. These people are working by the hour and its time to clock out!!
    Maybe if Home depot would pay them better??

  • Da
      18th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with you that these people are rude. Thats why I only buy stuff I know I won't have to ask questions about. If I have a lot of questions, I ask a friend or family member. Home Depot is nothing more than a home improvement version of Best Buy or Circuit City. All of which hire ###s to run their stores. If you go in to these stores understanding that the people you are going to deal with are ###s, then you'll be a much happier customer.

  • Al
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    It is not your right to customer service but a privilege, so be polite. Home Depot is a first come first serve business unless you have already scheduled an appointment to sit down with a designer. It is very likely that the designer at the Home Depot was scheduled to take a lunch break at the time she was finishing up with the previous customer. It is also very likely that she had to take that lunch on time due to another scheduled appointment directly after her lunch. If she had helped you at this point she would not have had a chance to eat in her 9-hour shift. Addressing you would had docked time from her scheduled time to eat. Home Depot leaders also reprimand employees that do not take their lunch on time. I believe the designer did what she had to do not out of rudeness but because of the many demands she was trying to satisfying. Lowe's certainly does not have the business Home Depot does so they are more readily able to help. If I had nothing to do as a sales person on commission I'd be all over anyone in my show room too.

    How would you like the pressure of people hovering over you while you are doing your job? If you expect to sit down with a designer when you walk in the door call ahead and schedule an appointment. Designing a $12, 000 kitchen doesn't happen in 15mins. Designing a kitchen is a lengthy process that normally takes two to three 2-hour sessions. Expecting to walk in, design a kitchen, and get out in an hour is a completely unrealistic expectation. So yes it is your fault for not understanding the business and for feeling you are to be treated as a god. Retailers have the right to refuse business, and when they see someone who causes a lot of trouble for nothing they know its not going to be a profitable deal in the end. If the Home Depot had designed your kitchen you probably would have found 10 other things to complain about. Then managers would markdown a couple thousand off your order and before you know it the business is in the negative in regards to profit. I think the Home Depot made the smart move.

  • Mo
      4th of Sep, 2010
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    I agree with this 100%! Its absolutely amazing the difference between Lowes and Home Depot. It has never failed ever Home Depot I have went in I have received horrible service. There is many surrounding the area I live and I have yet to find one that has people that want to help you. When you go to LOwes several people will approach you and be MORE than willing to help. They all seem to be very knowledgable and want to help you make a good decision. At the Home Depot you have to hunt people down and then in my experience once you get help, its unsatisfactory. My sister ordered carpet for her home and set an appointment for them to measure. It took 3 appointments before someone actually showed up they did call to cancel just didnt show up. Finally someone measured but again no one showed up several times for the install. Needless to say she purchased her flooring else where. I dont care if these people dont make alot of money, Ive worked in retail making next to nothing and still did what I was there to do. It honestly seems like Home Depot dont real care if they make the sale or not! They have signs all over saying no one beats our price... Well Lowes does pretty consistently! I was getting new appliances so it was going to cost me quite a chunk so against my better judgement thought Id take a look just to see if theyd have a better deal. When I finally got service I asked the lady if thye were having the same 20% off appliances like LOwes was. After talking to her manager she said "well how many appliances do you want" I told her I need everything. She laughed and said my manager said he'd do it on one but not an entire kitchen! Ok fine but dont advertise tirelessly how you have the lowest prices because Lowes blew them outta the water as far as appliances were concerned. I write this only because I think a place that has such good prices and service deserves recognition. When leaving Home Depot that day I wanted to tell all the customers in there that Lowes is soooooo much better all around! I wish I could of but this will work instead! I have many other stories about Home Depots horrible service but I will leave it at that and just say SHOP LOWES!!!

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