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I rented a self propelled lawnmower for a day from your mobile Al store at 4:17 pm 3/15/2016. I came home and begun cutting my backyard. When I had completed cutting about half of my backyard the self-propelled function of the lawnmower stopped working. I Immediately had my wife call the rental center at the store. They told my wife they were not sure why the lawnmower had malfunctioned but they would check it when I brought it back in. After I tried unsuccessfully to trouble shoot and restore the self-propelled function I came in to call the tool center. I explained my problem, I spoke with Jimmie D the csr who rented me the mower. Jimmie told me the lawnmower was new and should not be broken, I agreed. Jimmy offered me a pushmower because they did not have another self propelled mower. I told him I did not want a pushmower which is why I rented the self propelled mower because of the large size of my yard and the amount of daylight I had available. He then told me to just bring it back and he would cancel my contract and give me a refund. This phone conversation took place at 6:26 according to the call log on my phone. After the conversation with Jimmie D. I came in to explain to my wife the situation. I went back outside to clean the lawnmower and load it into my vehicle. My wife made me a snack as I had not eaten going straight to Home Depot from work and picking up my daughter. I live according to google maps 9.5 miles from this store, a 16 minute drive. I also stopped to get gas to fill up the lawnmower. Upon arriving to the store the first thing Jimmy D asked me was did I finish cutting my grass, I replied no. He proceeded to ask me why not, I said because the self -propelled feature quit working. By this time Jimmy was speaking to me in a way as to insinuate that I had intentionally broken the lawnmower as to get a free rental. Not one time did he apologize to me for my inconvenience or for the fact they did not even have a replacement to offer me. He then told me I didn't come right away so I must have finished cutting my grass and then came to get a refund. He did his troubleshooting of the lawnmower and determined that the belt had come off. He then begrudgingly instructed another employee to give me a refund as he disappeared to the back. This employee Tavarrez p, checked my equipment back in, but then determined it would be best to check with the manager of duty to get approval.( as if something suspicious was going on. He gets the manager on the phone and he says "this customer rented a self propelled lawnmower and it broke while he was using it but he is just now bringing it back in. The manager told him to charge me half of the minimum, which ended up being $15.00. The time on my receipt is 7:43, I would say I spent about 20 minutes in the store. If you review the times I have given you I would hope that you would agree that it is ridiculous to suggest that I would rent a lawnmower, tamper with it just to cut my grass and defraud Home depot of 38.00 plus tax. I am outraged at how I was treated and how this situation was handled, from your csr to your manager on duty. According to your own policy if equipment is broken while in a customers possession it is paid for by the mandated insurance that is charged upon rental. I never asked for a refund, I wanted another piece of equipment to actually finish cutting my yard. I was inconvenienced, I was insulted, and it really boils down to being racially discriminated against. I feel very strongly had I not been a black male I would not have been treated in such a manner. I just hope someone reads this email, and attempts to remedy this situation and ensure another one of your customers should have to go through this. I personally will never shop in another home depot.

Mar 15, 2016
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  • Dl
      Mar 16, 2016

    After emailing customer service about this incident, I was contacted by a representative by phone. He was nice and apologized for what happened. I was refunded all my money, and he offered me a rental to finish cutting my yard. He also said the employees I had dealt with would be contacted. I felt the company worked to correct an unfortunate incident and made a wrong situation, right.

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