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So I ordered a stainless steel stove by GE and when I was able to open it(just moved in to our new home and wanted every thing matching as I pointed out several times to the service rep. Come to find out it is not stain less steal it is gray painted and also it has in the inside of the door rust already I called and tried to get in touch with a store manager yet no where to be found and when I talked with that dept. Kelly she told me to bring it in and so I rented a haul to bring it in as I brought it in as careful as can be so not to damage the stove the rep.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Red Oak, TXBang it to put it in the cart and told them careful also they told me it was a special delivery which I was never aware all I was told in 2 to 3 weeks it would be delivered I was not able to return it the manager Dorren said he could not help me never to check was this the product in a error just said call the manufacture GE and they would help yet the GE manufacture sent me back with Home Depot so they have had me back and forth in the mean time my stove sits in my new home and has not been placed in cause it does not match the other appliances I purchased from home depot that are stainless steel I am very unhappy because no one gave us the great customer service we deserve as the good customer thru out the years and all the money we have spent and continue to do so, our new home I have spent more 5, 000 we just purchased in 4/2/2017 when we went to buy paint and appliances from home depot. Over the years I have made it a point to use home depot for all my household needs and up grading . You would think I could just get a little bit more help with my issue all I want it for my appliances match not a happy customer

May 11, 2017

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