Home Depot / samsung washing machine wont clean and is noisy and getting worse

bought a samsung washing machine in sept 2015 and paid over $500 for it thinking it would be great as samsung generally makes a good produce. anyway it wont clean our clothes and is noisy and getting noisier as time goes on. contacted home depot after a few weeks and they basically said sorry about your bad luck, contact samsung. well we did buy it at home depot and thought they might have some customer service. so we contacted samsung and naturally they said it was our fault, our water is probably bad and so on. then they asked who installed it and we told them home depot did so now it was the installers fault. called home depot, they said it was samsungs problem and that they had a lot of folks who were complaining about the same thing, their clothes just would not come clean. called home depot manager, they wouldnt let us talk to him, they insulate them from complaints seems like. called samsung, got kicked back to home depot. beginning to feel like a soccer ball getting kicked from end to end. and we have probably $3500 worth of appliances bought from this same store and have never complained but they accuse us of buyers remorse. anyway its a sad state of affairs the customer service you get nowadays.

Mar 22, 2016

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