Home Depot / rental dept.

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Today i recently just got off the phone with the actual store manager, Clay T. Rush and with no resolution, he basically said he would look in to this issue.

Management needs some training in dealing professionally with complaints, to take responsibility, and to do so in an efficient manner.

I am a pro rewards cust that is very displeased with the white settlement store in fort worth and have been for some time now because of their unprofessional practices, first of all i need to be very detail and acknowledge that Janet, J.J. are awesomeness. My issues are with the rental dept and on of the store manager Jesse and the rental dept employee Tony which both are very unprofessional, and being a pro reawads customer feel very uncomfortable when dealing with these two guys, this location location for the store is very convenient for my company and if there where another hardware store close by, i would have already taken my business there because of these two guys now snd in the past. Today's issues had to do with several things, first a of all i had rented a floor sander on this pass Saturday at around 11am and by the time i loaded the rental and materials with no assistance it had to be after 12 noon. Got to the job site which was a good 45 minutes away and got ready to start on the job around 4 when i notice the store gave me the wrong disc for this particular buffer so i had to drive all the way back to this store for the correct one and they said that they would just restart the clock which by that time had to be after 5, i should have just returned the unit and got it elsewhere but didn't think about doing, so about that time it was just too late to go all the way back out to the job. I did out start in on Sunday morning and needed the unit for more time since Saturday was a total lost. I took it back on Monday night without finishing using the machine on the job because i noticed than that they didnt reset the time due to charges that where asset on my bank account, so when i did take it back the tony had quoted that i had tne unit for two days and 10 hours, he stated something like "well if you started the job so late that it wasn't their problem" in a very rude manner, in all reality it was the stores fault in the first place because the store gave me the wrong part to begin with. I ask to speak to the management which was Jesse at the time and he was of no help as well and basically said well you could just simply keep it till tomorrow till 4pm because i was getting charged for it. And acknowledging to myself that i indeed really needed to continue ising the machine because i had already lost so much time due to all this inconvenience, i simply decided to keep it so i when and got more pads and sand paper for it and came back to the rental counter, and was told by this time by Jesse the manager that he couldn't allow me to keep it because they had already closed the contract out. So basically i had to pay over $150 for a rental that i basically couldn't get much use out of, As well as charging me sales taxes once again as they have in the pass even thought im tax exempt as stated in the original contract with this unit. All in all im very disappointed with these guys handling of this whole situation which is now a huge inconvenience to myself and now my customer which is totally aware and completely understandable about my situation with your company, and she now is displeased with your stores handling of this issue.

Very disappointed pro rewards customer,
Francisco Delgado
Solo Vengo Inc.

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