Home Depot / online order

On tue August 21 2018 around 11pm MST I tried to place a order with your [censored] employees first I could not hear them and the [censored] told call back increase the volume on the phone there was nothing wrong with the phone but the male [censored] employees need to turn up his mike, called back and got [censored] employee from az name with a s male and to, d me store credit was no good online I was going to pick up at store. Nothing on back of cards said you can't not plus called again a [censored] if a female said no PIN number on card wrong. So I call lowes got the order be in Friday mail new credit card prided off your cards and close but account do asshomes maybe your employee need to b e fired I had been shopping your stores fir ten years and had 20 k limit on cards guess what lowes had mt busines because your [censored] employees

Aug 22, 2018

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