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Home Depot / manager, avan and cashier, kavita.

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Date of the incident: 11/3/2016
Time approximately 12:20 p.m
Cashier: Kavita
Manager: Avan
Place: self service door.

Dear sir or Madam:
I was working as a security guard around 12: 30 p.m by the self service door in the home depot store in Jamaica. A Cashier earlier was trying to talk to me. She then, came to my post told me that " I want to tell you some thing, I know you will feel bad about it. I asked her that is it? She told me, " I need to wash my hair". I told her that there is nothing wrong with my hair. I just washed it today before I came to work. Later, she told me I have t0 color my hair . I told her that I can not color my hair because my hair color is natural. I did not know the cashier was trying to start problems with me with the personal conversations. I continued to check the receipt for the customers. Approximately 12:200p.m, a man came to me said, he just forgot to pick up his change, a 20 dollar bill by the the self service register. I tried to direct the man to the cashier by the self service area at that moment. Later, the cashier came with another cashier, they told the man, they can not help him about it. Then, I asked them if they can notify the manager about it, if there is a possibility the man can be assisted by the manager. The casher, Kavita was angry, when I saw her, I tried to tell her that a customer was assisted in another home depot in the past after her left his change in the counter. Therefore, I suggested her to speak to the manager. The cashier, Kavita was constantly urguing with me about it and I told her that I do not talk to her any more. Kavita later called Avan, the manager. So, When he came to my post, he started threatening me at my post. There were customers coming by the door at that time. Avan, looking at me anxiously, yelling at my face, "if I hear you telling any customer again that in another home depot, a customer left money and was assisted by the manger there, then I will strictly remove me from the store right a way." Then, he told me that that was reason he removed me from the store the last time I was here. This was not true, this was never the case the last time I was there I know. So, I told the manager that he was trying to be very unprofessional front of the people at that time. I notified this incident to my security company, Metro one. The told me they are reviewing this incident. Avan, the manager has harassed me before when ever, I tried to refer the customers to him for good services. The last time, I was in the Jamaica store, he tried to get me hurt by his violent friend who was also a cashier. He never reported this incident to anyone. In the past I observed he allowed Kavita take lunches and breakfast from the customers in the store. When ever anyone ask him a question, he tried to avoid them, including the securities in the store. The cashier and the managers do not allow me assist the customers with the right services. They urgue and threaten us by acting rude and anxious. So, how I am supposed to do my job as a security. The manager asked me what is my job? He told me checking receipt only. I tried to tell him that we also answer customers questions, tried to assist them the right way as much as we can. The manager said, he can not listen.
The last time a few months back I was working as a security in Jamaica home depot. the head cashiers were not printing out the trainiee receipts, so I was not able to attatch them with my recovery reports. I was telling the store LP about it and the manager would not like me to report this incident to the LP. There fore, he did not allow me work in the store.
Our company, Metro one sands us securities, as the employees. The manager all the time, sands me home because he does not like me to help the customers with the right services at all or he does not like my race. I hope the New York city labor department and higher rank professionals of the home depot take this complaint seriously and discipline that manager for threatening me in my post for no reason. The cashier should be disciplined also for making remarks and inter fearing with my job on purpose.
Thank you for your time dedicating looking at this complaint.

Shipu Fowla Ahmed
security guard

Nov 3, 2016
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