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Springfield VA, United States

After 2.5 months, three separate measurements, 7 trips to the store, and picking up and moving the materials in and out of my house 4 times, I now have to return the materials and cancel the service order for a refund. Even though the measurements (at 3 different times) indicated that installation of the Pergo (floating) laminate flooring was possible with some sub-floor preparation, the company which installs floors for Home Depot, American Carpet South (ACS), refused to install it, saying that it was not possible. ACS did remove a carpet in one of my rooms, but in the process, removed (and took without return) the transition from that room to my foyer, and tried to charge me for moving furniture in a separate room and removing almost 200 square feet of tiling, which they never did. I called the Home Depot Corporation HQs in Atlanta to complain about this all, but they simply referred me back to the Springfield, VA store, who could have cared less about my situation. Also, try calling the flooring department sometime; despite several attempts throughout the 2.5 months, I was never able to get through to anyone, even after waiting 15 minutes or more Please do NOT consider Home Depot for installation of floors; you will be better served by going elsewhere, even if it costs you much more.

Jan 11, 2017

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