Home Depot / home depot associate training and mismanagement

conroe texas, US

Hi, I am Robert Baker, I was an associate ([protected]) at Home Depot Store 0508 Conroe Texas, for the past two months. I am a retired Air Force Senior NCO. I selected to work at Home Depot because I honestly fealt I would enjoy working with customers and helping them plan for their DIY projects or ensure they had a great shopping experience. I am highly upset with the way Home Depot Trains their associates (Mostly CBT), mis-manages their employees (poor planning and scheduling of employees) and poor allocation of resources (people) to the departments that need them. (I could no longer tolerate their management practices and quit this evening). Here are my complaints.

1. I never had access to my work schedule from day one. There was an issue with my profile. I submitted a ticket to IT. Was escalated to Level 3. Never resolved. HR at Conroe seemed to be overworked and not able to perform all her duties.
2. I was told I would get paid for the 4 hrs initial training at hire event. Never got paid. Told HR several times, never resolved.
3. Worked in flooring Dept on 2d shift, other employees that worked 2d shift had two months or less with Home Depot, absolutely no hand son training. This resulted in Customers becoming dissatisfied when trying to make special orders. Lost several customers to our competitors.
4. Although worked in flooring, pulled several times to bring shopping carts in from parking lot and loading vehicles because no lot attendants were scheduled. Occurs frequently, poor management of allocated resources.
5. Pulled several times to help customers in appliances because appliances only had one associate on duty, and that associate only had one day of training. Lost a customer to Lowes because of this.
6. I didn't mind helping as many customers as I could wherever and whenever. The biggest issue is not receiving enough training within our own department to satisfy customers needs, then being asked to help in another department where we have no training at all. Customers could see this and many left un happy saying they would return on days where more experienced people worked.
7. This store needs some major training in Management from the Top Down, and they need to improve their on hands training. New employees should not be left alone to fend for themselves and self teach. Leads to poor customer service.

Assistant Manager (Kenny) said tonight I was just complaining, took non of my issues seriously.

VR Rob Baker


Nov 15, 2017

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