Home Depot / flooring installation which is now getting damaged

I have done the flooring installation through Home Depot which in turn gave the contract to a 3rd party installer and after the installation all the transitions came are getting bad or they are coming off he floor and one of the transition recently is now into 2 pieces. I have sent several emails to get these things fixed and every other week there is a problem. Ow they have stopped responding and I am not getting any help. I have 3 daughters in my house and who are always running I don't want them to get hurt. I have been reaching Diane in Old Bridge NJ Home Depot and she is not helping us anymore. I called the installer and they said they don't have any appointments available till next month. I cannot keep waiting for this that long. And also the installation company has people which don't even speak English. I mean come on how am I suppose to communicate with you.

Home Depot

Nov 15, 2017

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