Home Depot / discriminating

Bradenton, FL, United States

Went into bradenton home depot on cortez rd. To purchase a generator and pressure washer to clean my sister's yard and lighting for her wedding. As we were looking for the items an unknown man was following us. Later to know it was loss prevention named scott. Finally we found a nice man to help us with generator. That said it had to be ordered online and will arrive to our house in 2 to 3 days. So me and my husband decided to order both online and still have time to prep for my sister's wedding. We return pressure washer to it's location were we were still being followed. My husband was getting upset and I told him it's ok we know we gonna order online. So we proceeded to our car where the unknown man (scott) followed us. My husband asked him why are u following us. He said he was looking for his car. My husband den told hm. You were following us all inside. (scott) then turned around took a picture of my husband and said you [censor] [censor]... My husband got upset walked up to home depot when we were stopped by so called manager sean. Said we were not aloud in store. And there was no one higher then him to speak to. We told him what happen and did nothing. We told him loss prevention guy to a picture of my husband and called him a spic... My husband felt discriminated and disrespected. Manager never did nothing about it... We will never shop from home depot. We will get items else where cor my sister's wedding. Never felt so discrimated in our whole entire life

Jun 09, 2017

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