Home Depotdelivery service

E Nov 25, 2017

My husband and I came in to Home Depot on 11/2/17 and placed a special order for a sliding glass door with Eric at the Napa Ca store. We arraigned with Eric to have the door delivered today, 11/25/17. This morning I tried to "track" our truck but the website said there was some technical difficulties, so I called the store and spoke with Karen. She told me we were not scheduled for delivery, I explained that that must be a mistake, we had spent a lot of time with Eric placing a special order and selecting a delivery date. She told me not to worry, the delivery truck hadn't arrived to Home Depot yet so there would be no problem getting our door onto the truck and out to us today. While I was in the phone she said it was all taken care of and would be delivered. I asked her for a time frame, she said she couldn't give me one, but when the truck arrived to load up the doors someone would call me. We had family come in from out of town to help us demo the old door and install the new one. At 1423 I received a call that our door would NOT be delivered today. I was told that "they didn't get it on the truck in time." Now I'm sitting here with a huge hole in my kitchen, it's freezing cold and suppose to rain. I've had family come from out of town to help me, only to have to have them come back another day to install the door. This negligence on your part has wasted everyone's day. I am beyond upset. I came to your company and spent $1, 000 of my hard earned money only to be treated poorly. Now supposedly the door will be delivered on Thursday between 6a and 8p, this time frame too is terrible customer service. I feel you should give me a huge discount for this terrrible treatment. I could have spent my money with any store and I chose you. If something isn't done to make this right I won't choose you again. I'm sure my PG&E bill will now be through the roof and I pray it doesn't rain. If you'd like to speak with me my number is [protected]

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