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K Nov 22, 2017

I️ am very upset. The promises made by Home Depot mean nothing.I️ was at my sons to care for him after 3 emergency surgeries, the fridge went out
I️ ordered a new one plus a washer dryer and was promised a delivery date
When the day came ( after a week) the delivery team was totally irrational would not listen and refused to deliver to the condo
Despite the fact there is a huge delivery space designated for loading unloading
This is a large complex of condos ( not a tiny one) with more than 400 units
Are u kidding me, they can't stop in the delivery area because it could take longer than 20 min, they can't park in a space because they are prohibited to pay a coin in it, the entrance has to be 30 ft from the truck
What kind of crazy ppl and rules do these ppl go by????
I️ cancelled my order happily ( after trying to work it out with the store manager)
And went to Lowes where they were more than to meet my needs and turned them selves inside out to get me the appliances in a very timely manner due to our family emergency
Thank u Lowe's!!! I️ will never ever order from Home Depot again NEVER

Home Depot

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