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Home Depot (Carmel Mountain And Escondido Stores) / my big challenges with home depot

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Boy have I had challenges with Home Depot...

Biggest Challenge #1: I purchased a garden window (Milgard) from Home Depot that cost $1,100. I was promised the window in 10 days and I scheduled my contractors who were on site doing other remodels to install it 1 week after the due date to account for potential shipping challenges. After 2 weeks I called to check on the order and I was told it would be delivered in two days (directly from Milgard). When it didn't come, I called HD and was promised a call back on the status. Another two days later after no phone call, I called back and was told the window was on back order (this is now the day before my contractors were to install it. The reason for the back order turned out being a call to HD from Milgard verifying the order which was never returned. It was when I called the first time that HD found the error, didn't tell me about it even though they knew at that time that it wouldn't be delivered as scheduled and as promised when I called.

My contractor gave me a special price for installation because they were already on the job site. The delay meant they would have to pull off another job to complete the install and the next time slot for them was in 5 weeks. The cost would be an additional $300 (new price of $650 - old price of $300). They had a new delivery date of 2 weeks, however I asked them to hold the window for 5 weeks so it's not sitting in my garage as I waited for my contractors. They said that wouldn't be a challenge.

2 weeks later, Milgard shows up on the job with the window. I asked that they take it back and I even called HD and they said there was no way they could do that. I was forced to take delivery and store it myself. I called Customer Service and asked to have someone call me on this. No call. I called the store and asked for a manager to call me. No call. I called Customer Service and was promised a $100 gift card. Never came (it's been 3 months). 2 months ago we purchased carpet (challenge #2) and called customer service about this and the $100. No call back. I finally got in touch with the Presidents Office (don't ask me how). I was promised a call back. No call after two weeks. Called Customer Service. No call back. Finally got in touch with someone who promised to get to the bottom of this. He got the person from the President's Office to call me. The promise is now for a $300 HD gift card (this has been 1 1/2 weeks and nothing.)

Big Challenge #2: Carpet... I ordered carpet for my children's 2 bedrooms. I was told that they would be available at the same time (about 10 days) and they would be installed on the same trip. 2 weeks went by and I called. I was told one of the carpets was on Back Order and wouldn't be in for another 3 weeks. They were waiting for that one to come in before they scheduled the install. They never called me to tell me - they were just going to wait (5 weeks) to call and install. I asked them to install the first carpet that's in and install the second carpet when it comes in. Took a couple of supervisors but they agreed.

A week after they I was promised the second carpet I call. Found out the carpet was in but they were waiting the carpet from the first bedroom. When I told them the first bedroom carpet was already installed, they scheduled the install of the 2nd bedroom. On the day of the install, found out that the measure was done wrong - they didn't measure the closet even though it was clearly marked that the closet was to be included. That meant another trip by the measure people, another delay in receiving the carpet from the manufacture, and another trip to install.

It doesn't end there: On the due date I called to check on the order. I was then given the news that it would be another 4 weeks to get the carpet in. More calls to Customer Service, to the store, to Home Services, to the Presidents Office. After three days of frustration, I was told that the date was written in wrong. The carpet had been received by the installers on the date promised. Even when they don't mess up, they've got to mess up.


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