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Home Depot / buyer beware at home depot! and to top it off!

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On April 2, 2005, we spent $850.00 on new countertops for our kitchen. (Along with a new $432.00 dishwasher and $1399 in new flooring - which we installed ouselves).

When the installer, who was subcontracted by Home Depot, was finishing the installation, I noticed that the countertops were cut too short. (They had been measured by a Home Depot employee.) There was too much of a gap between my stove and the countertop.

I immediately went to Home Depot and told the kitchen department employees about it, and they advised me not to sign the form that I was satisfied. I returned home, and told the installer that I would not sign and he went ballistic! He called him employer and made a huge deal in my house, actually making me really anxious, as my 10-year old son and I were alone with this guy.

This guy was really angry and finally left. My husband immediately got involved. Home Depot sent out three people from the store who admitted that it was not right!!! They admitted it!!! Then Home Depot sent out someone from the subcontracted company and this guy would not admit anything - he just tried to say it was not cut too short.

In the end, after emails, letters, phone calls, etc., Home Depot gave us a $100.00 gift card - that's it! I know that they think we have gone away, but we haven't yet.

Buyer beware at Home Depot! And to top it off, the dishwasher is in the process of breaking - the door hinge gets stuck and it must be pried open.

What a mess - I'll never go back to Home Depot - I tell everyone that I know about this experience.

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  • Va
      7th of Dec, 2006
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    Bought a Ryobi MultiTASKit Laser Level Kit on line 11/26/2006 for $9.99 3 days later it shows up as back ordered even though the CSR 5 minutes early said it was being filled.Two days later back on line being sold for 49.99 today back on the back ordered list I figure I will never see this item for $9.99

  • Va
      8th of Dec, 2006
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    On August 5th I placed an order on I had order 2 54 In. White Callaway Ii with Remote and High Efficiency Blades for a total of $321.10.

    I received the fans shortly after ordering them.

    On installing the first fan, I had one of screws break off. I called the Home Depot in Mira Mesa. The associate in the electrical depart told me that I should return the fan and exchange it for another one.

    I called Home Depot and started the process of my return. Home Depot sent UPS to come pick up the fan and told me it would be 30 days for me to receive my refund.

    I had also installed the second fan. The fan was very noisy. I had called the Home Depot in Mira Mesa again. They had told me to give the fan some time to break in. In the noise was not reduced after time to return the fan. I gave the fan 2 weeks. The noise was still way too loud. I called Home Depot once again to have the fan returned. Home Depot told me that someone would come by and pick up the fan.

    Two weeks had passed and still no one had come to pick up the fan. I called Home Depot on September 11th, 2006 to inquire why no one had come by. They had said that they were back logged it should take one more week. I also inquired about the other fan I returned. They stated that fan was not marked as received in their system. The called the warehouse and found that fan had in fact been received and that they would start processing my return. Once again they told me it would take 30 days. I was also told that 2 more fans would be sent to me to replace the fans I returned.

    Another week passed by and still no one had come to pick up the fan. Once again I called Home Depot. They had stated the reason no one came to pick up the fan is because the person who had done the original entry of what it was returned forgot to enter the reason why it was returned.

    The entered that the fan was too noisy and told me it would be a few days before someone would come to pick up the fan. I also inquired about the replacement fans. They told me that I need to place the order myself. At that point I was very frustrated with Home Depot and talked with one of their support managers. The support manager apologized and gave me 10% off of the replacement fans.

    UPS came by to pick up the second fan around Sept 29th. UPS had shown that they were supposed to pick up two fans even though we returning only one fan. The driver said it wasn't a big deal and he took the individual fan. At that point we thought everything was being processed as normal.

    A few weeks went by again. I called Home Depot again to find out what the status of my return was. They apologized for the delay and told me to give it a few more days.

    I waited till the beginning of October and called again. They apologized for the delay; they said they would do an emergency RMA and said the credit should show up soon. Yet there wasn't any return. I once again had called around Oct 20th. This time the support person said they would do another emergency RMA and I should see the credit on my credit card within 3 days. The 3 days passed and this time half of the amount $160 was credit to me.

    Once again I called several times and talked with several people. Each person had stated I should expect my return with in a couple of days yet I did not receive anything.

    I recently called Home Depot on November 28th, 2006. I was told the rest of my refund was not given to me because UPS did not show the package as received. I was not told this by any agent in the previous calls. I was continually told that I would receive it in full within a couple of days yet Home Depot had a problem with UPS. When the UPS driver picked up the package, as stated above, he expected two packages. The driver canceled the original track number and generated a new one. Home Depot did not have any record of this but neither did UPS. I was told that UPS would put a trace on the package and respond to me in a couple of days. I have been promised a full refund several times yet I still have not received a fill credit.

    I finally got frustrated and emailed the Director Customer Care Group. My email was given to a corporate support person. Once again the corporate support person apologized and told me that she would look into the problem. I was given a gift card for my trouble. She had said she would call me with status within 48 hours. 48 hours passed and no call. Finally four days later I received a call stating that I need to deal with UPS in finding the package because UPS had not record of it. After tearing apart my house I finally found the originally receipt from the UPS driver. I gave that to the corporate customer service person. She told me that I could either take a gift certificate for more money than what the return was worth or wait on the return. At this point I couldn’t take it any more so I took the gift card just so I would not have to deal with Home Depot.

    Stay away from If you need to return something it will be a long painful process. Home Depot puts ownership of the return on the customer. You will have to make sure the product is picked up, keeping the tracking receipt in case they lose the product, make sure they make the product as received and then make sure you get your refund. It should not be this way. If you order something from other on-line stores like the Gap you can actually return the product to the store and be done with it.

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