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Home Depot / you do not deserve my hard earned money!

1 United States

I went to store 0206 and was mistreated AGAIN. I have left the store frustrated with your lack of service many times before. Your store is very close to my home and for 25 or more years, I have shopped there for big items (A. C. units, ceiling fans, bathroom and kitchen appliances, fencing roofing materials, paint, floor and bathroom tiles etc.) and small items (like a drill, a saw, screw drivers, nails etc). I am attaching a receipt for the last big item, a gasoline-powered generator.

Your lack of interest in serving customers TURNS THEM AWAY AND THE RESULT IS THAT YOU LOOSE MONEY. Yesterday, I arrived at the store around 8:10AM and went to check out the double doors. I then went to the area that has several types of generators. I asked one of your employees for information and was told to go to “Hardware” and find help there. That person recommended that I ask someone at the desk by the area next to the generators to call for help. I then waited by the generators for almost 9 minutes and walked over to ask the lady to call again. She did, and as I was getting tired of waiting (for about 10 minutes this time) I asked someone else and, he told me that I should go to another desk, by the store’s entrance.

There was no one sitting at the desk, but there was a young woman inflating balloons and I asked her to call someone. I looked at my watch and it was almost 10 min to 9. I waited a few minutes and I asked her to call again. Finally, a young man, (whom I had seen pass by before) sat at the desk and he said something like “what do you need” in a tone that I did not like. I told him that I had waited so long that it would have been nice if he had looked at me and said something like “I will be with you as soon and I can” when he passed by before. His answer was “What do you need” as if he was annoyed. I decided to ignore the negative attitude and told him what I wanted. He then said that the person in charge of that item was at a meeting and gave me a telephone number. I left the store at 9:05AM without the information.

This morning I called the number and was REFERRED TO THE STORE. I called back, and asked to talk about a complaint and was given ANOTHER number. Although the person I spoke to seemed to care about my frustration, and offered me a coupon, I decided to write you and tell you that you can keep it as I am going to do my best not to visit your store anymore and tell my friends why. Between Tru Value, Everglades Lumber and a Door Store I can do my shopping. THE SERVICE AT HOME DEPOT HAS GOTTEN SO BAD THAT THE COMMENTS I HEAR ARE ALL NEGATIVE. YOU ARE SHOWING YOUR LACK OF APPRECIATION FOR CUSTOMERS THAT (IN MY CASE) SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AT YOUR STORE. YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY HARD EARNED MONEY. Livia Garcia, Miami, Florida

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