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We wanted to install a 15x24' outdoor green grass type carpeting beneath a wooden deck. The measurer came to our house, we discussed the project and installation including rubber reducers to go along the edges of the carpet. Twice the installers arrived without the reducers, and twice with insufficient amount of carpeting. Once the carpet had two major defects including a hard crease that would not brush out, and curved cut in the middle of the carpet. This forced reordering the rug 4 separate times. Finally on the 5th scheduled installation date plus one cancellation for rain, the carpet was finally installed. Considerable carelessness on the part of Home Depot in not measuring correctly or checking the carpeting before sending it out with the installers. Carelessness on the part of ACS installers for not coming with the rubber reducer edges when they were on the original order and paid for.

I am very disappointed with Home Depot and American Carpet South installers and its lack of service.
We first talked with Home Depot carpet on 6/13/2017 about installing an outdoor grass cloth carpet on a cement patio pad underneath a large wooden deck. The patio to be covered measured approximately 24'x15', and was to have a rubber reducer around the edges to keep the edges from fraying. Because of other work being done we delayed installation until September, but paid $35 for a measurer to come to the house and measure. We discussed the rubber reducer with the person who measured, and with the Home Depot salesperson who completed the sale on 7/18/2017. The measurer and the salesperson both agreed that because the carpet measured 12' wide, only 2 strips of carpet 12'x15' would be necessary, and the rubber reducer would be supplied for an additional charge of $90. We completed the purchase on 7/18/2017 and paid a total of $486.30 by credit card. This included $244.26 for carpet, $182.27 for basic installation of glue down carpet, $90.00 to furnish and install rubber reducer, sales tax, and a credit of $35.00 previously paid for measuring.

Installation Day #1
We agreed on installation on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, however, this needed to be cancelled and rescheduled because of heavy rain that morning. Installation was rescheduled for Wednesday, September 13th.

Installation Day #2
When the installers arrived, not only did they not have the rubber reducer, but they did not know anything about it even though it was written on the invoice and already paid for. They checked in with the supervisor at ACS, and one of the installers left our house to go to the local Home Depot store to buy the rubber reducer, which the store did not have. He continued to check with other stores. In the meantime, the other installer opened the roll of carpet, cut one 15' length and began to glue it down, except along the edges where the rubber reducer would be installed. The right-hand edge of this roll of carpet was badly mangled, bent, and frayed, most likely from having stood on end for a long time. The installer said he would have to trim off several inches. When he took the remaining carpet, which also would require similar trimming, he called me to explain that he did not have sufficient carpet to complete the installation. The roll of carpet was supposed to be 12'x31' but measured only 11'10.5" wide, (see Image 1) and would require several inches to be trimmed off the right side. This left a gap on the side of the patio which would require numerous pieces and cross seams, and even with that the installer doubted that he had sufficient carpet, and he was loath to complete the job. The supervisor was again notified. It was agreed that additional carpet would be ordered, and the installation rescheduled for Monday, September 25th. I talked with your customer service representative who said she would reorder the original 12'x31' carpet plus an additional 12'x15' piece. We discussed that we would need three lengths of carpet at least 15'3" long, and she concurred and said she would make sure that we had sufficient carpet. We also discussed ordering the rubber reducer and said that the invoice only mentioned 36 linear feet as the measurer only included the left-had side and the edge along the grass. We had discussed that the reducer should also be installed in front of two 6' sliding glass doors as it existed. Looking at the quote, he ignored our request, even though it is shown on his diagram. When the first installer looked at the right-hand edge, he said that we should have a reducer along the right-hand side also. Therefore, we would like reducer installed along a 15' retaining wall on the right-hand side of the patio as well. The customer service representative agreed, and said it would be ordered.

Installation Day #3
The reordered carpet came into the warehouse on Wednesday, September 20th, and the same customer service representative called us to see if we would be available for installation on Friday, September 22nd. We replied that we would be available for that date.
When the new installers arrived today, they had two rolls of carpet, but they did not know anything about the rubber reducer. They had one small piece of white rubber reducer less than 5' long, but they should have had at least 80' of black rubber reducer. We talked again with customer service and the supervisor known as "JD." When the installer opened both rolls of carpeting he discovered that one roll was the new roll that measured 12'x15'. The other roll was supposed to be 12'x31' as written on the tag attached to the plastic wrapping, but it measured only 12' wide by 21' long. Once again, there was insufficient carpet to complete the job even with two seams. And once again, there was no rubber reducer.
Your company claims that it works until customers are completely satisfied and that has been the foundation of your success. You have disappointed us consistently, and communication among your employees is poor to lacking. Everyone who visited our home saw the existing rubber reducer before the old carpet was removed, and promised that they would supply it. The measurer and the salesperson at Home Depot guaranteed us that only two strips of carpet 12' wide would cover the area, yet the installers and the supervisors all agreed that carpet in never exactly 12' wide and that it always requires trimming. There is severe and gross misinformation among the people representing Home Depot and American Carpet South, Inc. It challenges me to understand how your company has remained in business for many years with this degree of inefficiency and ineptitude.
The initial installer had glued the first piece of carpet to the cement, but he did not want to remove it because wet glue would be on the back side of the carpet and the cement, and would track over anything it touched or touched it. He suggested leaving it for the next installers to remove. Of course, it rained again between scheduled installations. Four days after the first failed installation the carpet was still soaked with water, the cement patio was wet with puddles beneath the carpet, and the glue not dry. Knowing that the second installation was approaching, and that they could not install carpet on wet cement, I folded the carpet in half each day for several days allowing the glue on the cement patio and on the back of the rug to dry, and then pulled the carpet off the patio so that the patio could completely dry.
Time is of the essence as we have planned to leave town in early October for several months and wanted to complete this project before cold weather set in. We have had one rain delay, and two delays due to miscommunication in ordering.

Installation Day #4
The saga continues: We were called on Monday, September 25th, by ACS who said they could reorder the carpet from a local Home Depot and install it on Wednesday, September 27th. We called customer service on Tuesday afternoon because we had not heard from them by 2 pm. The representative said it would be installed sometime between 3-7 pm. We emphasized that this was an outdoor glue-down install and questioned if they had the rubber reducers. We also emphasized that it will be dark outside by 7 pm, and asked if the install could be moved up. The request was denied. Later that day we received an automated call from customer service to tell us the install would be between 3 and 7 pm. We called back and talked with another representative stressing the same things and requesting moving the install time soon. Again, we were informed that the time could not and would not be changed.
On Wednesday, September 25th, we waited patiently for a call says that the installers were on the way. We called customer service at 3:40 pm, and were told not to worry because the installers were now at the local Home Depot picking up the carpet. The store is only 6 miles from our home, but it took over an hour for the installers to get the carpet and finally arrive at our home at 4:45 pm. It was already getting dark because of approaching storm clouds. The installer told us of slowness at Home Depot so bad that the installers threatened to leave. The carpet was already cut, rolled and wrapped when they arrived. The installers said they wished they could have moved the install time to mid-day instead of late day because the reducers would not flatten and stick properly to the cement pad. There were several telephone calls to the supervisor while I helped the assistant put tarps on the deck over the install area. Finally, the storm clouds passed, but the lighting did not improve. The cold cement and rubber reducers remained, and a lot of time was lost trying to get them to stick. More calls were made to the supervisor trying to set up a new installation time on Thursday at mid-day. Ultimately it was decided that the carpet, cement, and rubber reducers would be left at our house in the garage, and because the supervisor would not change his rigid program, the installer agreed to return on their own time and install the carpet over the weekend.
I find your supervisors and corporate representatives unyielding in their discussions with the customer, unwilling to appreciate the need for understanding of weather, timing, supplies, or changing the schedule. If your employees had read the original order form when we talked numerous times they would have realized that it was an outdoor carpet for outdoor install, required rubber reducers, was light and temperature sensitive, had already been rescheduled several times because of failure to notice details which were written down and repeatedly discussed by the customer. I have previously already cited Home Depot, the measurer, and scheduling. The subcontractor installers were just as frustrated with the supervisors that they called for the same reasons. You have disappointed us many times on this relatively simple project. I cannot recommend your company to anyone because of it continued poor service.

Installation Day #5
The installers returned on their own time on Sunday, October 1st to complete the job. They finished installing the rubber reduces, and rolled out the first length of carpet. There was a very sharp fold that went perpendicular along half the width of the carpet. (See Images 4 and 5)

Because this carpeting measure 12' ½", the installers hoped that two widths would suffice. They then unrolled the second length of carpet, and they continued to do the glue-down and initial trim. When they unrolled the third width of carpet, there was a curved cut through the carpet which measured about a foot long. (See Image 6)

The edges were peeling because of the curve of the cut, and piecing it together would not give a cosmetic result. We looked at first piece of carpet with the fold again. In spite of being warmed by the sun, and attempts to flatten and stretch the carpet, the fold was still highly visible and unacceptable. Both pieces of carpet were rejected as unsatisfactory. The installer called his supervisor once more, and was instructed to return to the Home Depot store and obtain another piece of carpet. None of this was the fault of the installers, as I witnessed both these imperfections as the carpet was unrolled and photographed them. This report has been written contemporaneously as the work is not being done. This project has been one continuous series of errors with fault widely distributed at multiple levels. The three separate sets of installers are not to blame; they have tried their best to work with us.
Shawn, the Assistant Store Manager at the East Liberty Home Depot just called me to inform me that they do not have sufficient carpet at the store to fulfill the order today, and would have to special order. We discussed getting the carpet from another store…today, which was impossible. They would try to get the same dye lot, etc. After much disappointment and disagreement, we agreed that the installers would return on Tuesday, and that they would unroll and inspect the entire carpet at the store before bringing to our house. The time and cost wasted on this project has been enormous for Home Depot, ACS, and us. We have had plans since last summer to leave Pittsburgh on Tuesday, October 3rd to travel south. We have made hotel reservations for two night's accommodations in South Carolina and Florida which have been cancelled, and plans now are indefinite. We have cancelled plans for visitations in Florida until this project is complete.

Another phone call from Shawn, the Assistant Store Manager, confirmed that he could get additional carpet tomorrow, and that he would inspect it himself. The installers, Orin and Anthony, returned to our home, took up the glued down carpet, collected their supplies, and said they hoped to return on Tuesday. They asked us to call the Pittsburgh area supervisor, Josh, tomorrow, and request them for Tuesday, October 3rd to install the carpet about 12-1 pm. The weather is supposed to be favorable. Hopefully, the rest will be too.
On Monday, October 2nd, I received a telephone call from Frank at ACS asking if everything was satisfactory with the carpet install. I told him of the multiple problems and that we were instructed to talk with Josh, who was not in the office at that time. The caller replied he would personally talk with Josh and have him call us back.
At 3:12 pm, Shawn from Home Depot East Liberty called us to say that the carpet was en route from the North Versailles stores to the East Liberty store and would be checked for defects by the Assistant Manager before it was released to the installers.
We called ACS several times to check on progress, each time requesting Josh the project manager for Pittsburgh. Each time we were informed that he was ‘working on it.' Finally, Frank reported that we were scheduled for installation on Tuesday, October 2nd during the 12-4 window.

Installation Day #6
Once again, we have been disappointed. The installers called us at 3:45 pm to say that as soon as they finish their current job in about a half hour, they will pick up the carpet at the Home Depot store in East Liberty and come to our house. The 12-4 window that the installers requested for warmth and light passed, and no one has yet showed up. It is now 5:15 pm, a full half hour later than when this team arrived on Installation Day #4 complaining that the light was disappearing and the temperature was dropping. They requested this day, and the 12-4 widow, and yet they have missed their requested and promised time. We have been greatly disappointed again. We have cancelled out planned trip south, cancelled arrangements to meet friends and relatives, cancelled two hotel reservations, and stayed an extra night in Pittsburgh awaiting what has been non-existent promises and service. With so many disappointments I have no alternative but to be furious at ACS, Home Depot, and the sub-contractors. You promise to make things right the first time, but I have failed to see anything that has been reasonable service on six attempted installation dates. Every promised has been broken.
The installers finally arrived at 6:20 pm, and after unloading the carpet and supplies, they began work at 6:30 pm. It was dark by 7:00 pm. They continued work under the light of a lamp suspended under the wooden deck above the cement patio. It is ridiculous to attempt an outdoor carpet installation in the dark especially when the installers knew the situation, and this was their third time at our house. They completed their work at 9:45 pm. Everything appeared satisfactory… at night, with a flashlight.
Cursory inspection the following morning also appeared satisfactory, then we left town on our delayed trip. Two days after installation, while driving on the Interstate in South Carolina, I received a phone call from Frank checking up on the installation. I appreciated his call. I repeated the message that I think the installers are over committed and over scheduled. It must be difficult for them to work day after day into darkness. Frank explained about the company 3-year guarantee if there are any problems from the installation. I thanked him. We shall inspect the carpet installation when we return north, and we shall let you know if there are any problems with it.

Sorry, but I could not download photos. I did respond with this complaint to Bob Santagata, CEO, American Carpet South, Inc. without his acknowledgement or response.

Charles Haeussner
408 Wickford Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Nov 10, 2017
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    So last year in July we ordered an outdoor porch carpet to put on our front porch! Week after week going into October they said they couldn’t install this carpet because of the weather. They need three days without rain for them to complete the work. We then cancelled the carpet because winter would be coming and the carpet would be covered with snow and ice! This year we again put in the carpet order in early June with the same specifications but now we are being charged more money! The first install date was to be July 8th. We received a call the day before and they left a message saying there was a chance of rain and they wouldn’t be coming. The next install would be July 24th, today!! So just to let you know the carpet crew that set up these appointments are based in New Hampshire and they check radar for installation dates from there!! Amazing isn’t it that this is how they arrange carpet install? So today I cancel Dr. appointment because they are coming and weather is cooperating. They get here (two Spanish speaking guys) and said they couldn’t do it because they didn’t know about the two steps they have to bind on the ends. They talk to their people in “New Hampshire”and say they won’t be able to do it today and then just leave! Unbelievable!!! The next install “might happen August 12th week depending on the weather😠 So people please be aware of the company you’re dealing with and their customer service policies! Home Depot could care less about their customers!!!

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