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Covington LA, United States Review updated:

I will never shop at hobby lobby in covington, louisiana again!! Check out lines are always long... With one or 2 cashiers operating the registers. There is usually a manager floating around, oblivious to the lines. The clerk checked one item out at full price... I corrected her stating it was 40% off. She said "no" it was labeled floral... Not christmas. I told her there was a giant sign over the wreath in the christmas section where I found this one (Along with more like it). She said 'well, that's a mistake. Someone displayed it in the wrong section."so, I left my items and ran to the back to get one that said"christmas' only to find she was checking out another person and had put my items to the side. I wouldn't have minded but this person had a return (And this was not the return register) so she had to call for a manager to sign the return!

So I politely put my wreath on top of my other purchases and walked out...!!!

This is the worst store for customer service!!! I will pay twice as much at any other craft store just to bo ycott hobby lobby!! Telling all my friends... And gordon's and michaels will appreciate my business!!!

Sep 03, 2014
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  • Ma
      Jan 21, 2015

    I work at hobby lobby. We always have to call a manager for a return. Just saying.

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  • Sa
      Nov 26, 2015

    I also work at Hobby Lobby and if it didn't say Christmas on it the item was not on sale. We can't follow every customer to make sure they put things back where they belong. Cashiers do get in trouble if their sales are too high, we don't have scanners which means we memorize the whole ad.

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  • Je
      Dec 21, 2015

    I am a former employee of Hobby Lobby, and I recommend always grabbing the sale flyer available at the front of the store. The flyer has the posted sales for that specific week. And yes, if it didn't say Christmas on the label... that would not be a sale item. Customer's sometimes leave products they change their minds on throughout the store. The cashier was correct. Customer's really can be more proactive in solving issues with cashiers rather than threaten to not come back because they always come back 98% of the time.

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