Hobby Lobbywill not exchange products

I had recently purchased three picture frames from my local Hobby Lobby store since they were having a great sale. I stacked the picture frames onto the cart and proceeded to checkout. I loaded the frames into the back seat of my truck and even placed towels between each fram so they would not scratch each other during transports. When I got home I noticed one frame had a crack on the glass. I took the frame back to the store asking if I could even exchange the frame for another one. I was told by Cynthia, the manager, that I should have noticed the frame had a crack in it and she could not exchange it because it was my fault for not seeing the problem to begin with and she also added she does not know when I purchased the frame (I lost the receipt in my truck). After leaving the store I searched my truck for the receipt which I did find and took back to Cynthia. I was agin told that she could not return the frame because again, it was my fault that I did not notice it to begin with.


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