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History Channel Club / Default on lifetime membership obligations

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Several years ago I signed up for a Lifetime Membership at the History Channel Club. For awhile, I did receive the bi-monthly magazines which were part of the Lifetime Membership contract. But for the last year or two I have received nothing. Nor do I recall getting any notices of changes, needing to contact me, or even going insolvent. So I fear this is a case of intended suspension of all benefits and see if the member responds. Or they have quietly gone insolvent. Since I paid for lifetime benefits, I should either get them or get a refund on the lifetime dues.

Mar 5, 2017
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  14th of Jul, 2017
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Why has the members of the history channel club not receiving the magazine anymore? I'm a lifetime member and I want to know, whats going on, why haven't I received any information, on why you all have stopped sending our promised magazine?
Seem to be more questions than answers.
With the popularity of the history channel, they need to divulge why they broke there prommisses to life time members. I enjoyed the magazine, and really would like to receive mine, that I paid for.
Signed not a happy life member

  21st of Jul, 2017
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I agree with you, not happy at all. I can guess what happened though, from the beginning, A&E farmed out the club to some third party whose sole business is setting these clubs up and running them once A&E decided to do a print magazine. So now, obviously, they discontinued the magazine and we're left with nothing because that seems to be what the only benefit there was left, is a lifetime subscription to the mag.,
Total failure on their part. A company as big as A&E should be doing whatever they can to make it right with the people that got suckered because they didn't do due diligence in finding a reputable company to administer it in the first place.
Class-action lawsuit, maybe? Probably too late, I don't know.

  30th of Aug, 2017
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My name is Alleyn Kinney and became a lifetime member in July if 2004. I got the History channel magazine and when that quit they sent me the first issue of "Warrior" magazine and then we moved to Prescott, Arizona. Sine that time I have made numerous inquiries about the obligated magazine and had absolutely no response. I agree with the above comments and feel very strongly that you all have an obligation to the lifetime membership members. This is not a way to run the show. I have encouraged some of my friends to join and they have but now I am afraid they feel the same way. What will you plan or have you planned to do about this situation?????
Alleyn Kinney Member # 90162003 253 Rockridge Road Prescott, AZ 86305
P.S. I would really appreciate some kind of response to this and not have it just thrown into some waste container!

  18th of Oct, 2017
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I also paid for a lifetime membership to the History Channel. I did receive bi-monthly magazines and other items .. them everything stopped without warning... why did everything stop?
Member # 80025115 Judy Orofino Connecticut

  20th of Oct, 2017
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@Judy Orofino i also paid for a lifetime membership

michael bell Indiana

  8th of Nov, 2017
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  12th of Nov, 2017
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I also joined as lifetime member and once I didn't purchase anymore DVDs I stopped receiving any communications from them. The URL for signing into the website no longer is valid. I cannot find any valid website to sign-on.

  12th of Nov, 2017
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I too stopped getting the magazine, and also received one issue of Warrior magazine, and that was it. Just figured it was a bad deal on A & E's part. You live and learn.

  23rd of Dec, 2017
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Intentional fraud ? Some response would show some morality. Why is the web sight still up? Life member Bill Fenton.

  1st of Jan, 2018
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@Bill Fenton I get a broken link when I try to find HC Club site. They have removed all access to members. Folded the tent and ran out of town with all our money.

  3rd of Jan, 2018
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Yes, I too joined the club as a lifetime member. I really enjoyed their History magazine, but have not heard or received anything from them in years. I joined in 2004 (Life Member #80026873) and was promised; Members of The History Channel Club Can Look Forward to:
• H™ magazine (published six times a year). Each issue of this fact-filled, colorful, and lively magazine taps into the vast archives of HISTORY™
• Members-only trips & tours
• Discounts to museums
• Unique member-to-member forums on the Club’s official website
• Opportunities to win history-related products and services
• Opportunities to win getaways to historic destinations
• The Guide to Historic America which is packed full with special Member savings and over 700 interesting historic sites to visit throughout our great country.
• Special discounts on history-related products and services
• And more!
I was informed I now have access online to "Warrior" magazine... but they want more money to be a VIP member on the "Warrior" site. It is basically a "Man Cave" web site and very disappointing Not sure why such a popular network "screwed" everyone over so badly.

  28th of Jan, 2018
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Also a lifetime member. A and E needs to step up to the plate. Refund the money.Big business can do whatever they like. Little people have no recourse. Club member# 80025363 Bill B.

  29th of Jan, 2018
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I have also been duped into The History Channel "Lifetime Membership" club and either my "lifetime" is over or I have been ripped off. Does posting a complaint here make any difference? Does ANYTHING I try to do about the situation make any difference? I can't get any results by calling the member services phone number, unless of course I want to BUY a FREE WalMart discount coupon. The member services web site link takes me to some sports site, and I am NOT interested in the history of the NBA or the NFL. Is there anyone out there who might be interested in a class action lawsuit against The History Channel AND the A&E Network??? What the hell, since their website is linked in, let's throw in the NFL and the NBA! I have been ripped off and SOMEBODY should pay for it or make it right! I didn't spend over $300 for a "lifetime" membership that has apparently died WAY before I have!!! Come on people! Let's get together and make their eyes water!!! Who's with me?!?

  7th of Mar, 2018
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I have been a member since 06/2005. Contacted the BBB. Informed today that they are out of business. The BBB
can't help. Try contacting US BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA . The phone is 866-260-7337.

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