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With due respect to all the program directors of the History channel, there is one question that i want to ask as a viewer and a citizen of a country. Why should We being citizens of India see something wrong and abusive about our country. Can any person be able to see any program which just depicts the wrong and bands oh their country, even if its had the most advanced and great culture.
I got the same feeling when i see few of the programs depicted of my country . I request the program directors to go to the positive side of India where the rich culture and advanced technology has changed the people life. come to the metros and states where people live like family . do not make fun of my country . I am pround of it and expect others to see my country in the way i see. I request the program directors to make sure no country, religion and language is shown down.
thanking you
A citizen of India

Sep 18, 2017

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