HHgregg / t. v. /warranty

Western hills, Cincinnati, OH, United States

I bought a LG 47 inch led T.V. from hhgregg 1year and 2 months ago I also bought a 5 year warranty. Well my t.v. has been fixed 3 times now. Warn Tech call and said hhgregg is got a credit for me for 629 dollars to come and use it. I paid 1300 for my t.v because I talked the sales man down.and 400 for the warranty so I tried to work with hhgregg and warn tech to resolve the problem and just give me the same TV .I bought already they said no. so I took them to court in April and I won all my money back including the 400 i spent on my 5 year warranty .so dont give up do something when you get done wrong you have the right to file a small claims suit against them. Now i can say ill never shop at hhgregg again. Very unhappy with that business they need to start doing people right!!!

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