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HH Gregg / delivery

1 Lithonia, GA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a stove and refrigerator from HH Gregg on Sunday 11/30/2008 by personal check. The only reason I purchased these appliances that day from HH Gregg was because of a promised delivery of the next day and a good price. I even had to run home, 45 minutes away, to get a check because their credit machine would not allow for a $3000 debit card purchase(???) AND the salesman Quinton told me they only had two available. On Monday 12/02/2008 I was called to say they had my delivery, great, but wait, only the stove was to be delivered, what happened to the frig? Sorry, NO Frig on the truck. When I called the store they informed me that was a special order and it should be listed that way on my sales receipt(it wasn't) and the salesman should have known this was the case, according to HH Gregg, this order will take at least 7/10 days. I was upset but decided to wait because now it would take me at least two weeks to get my money back anyway. Sounds like that was their intentions, once I purchased their appliances with a promise of next day delivery your at their mercy to get them delivered! I was called back and told they would deliver my appliances 12/06/3008, great it was earlier than expected, WONDERFUL news! They did arrive, at the end of the day(waited all day) they installed the stove and the Frig but as they went to leave I noticed it had a dent in the front door, I told them it wasn't acceptable. They asked what I would take to keep that one. I told them I didn't want a dented NEW refrigerator($2100) so they took it back. I had to wait until Monday to have a new one ordered. The following Saturday 12/13/08 they attempted to deliver the second Refrigerator. This time the back plug was missing! So now we are still without a new refrigerator. Not to mentions my old one was sold twice and I had to empty it twice and put all the stuff back in each time. Then having to call the person and tell them I had to wait to sell it AGAIN(they gave up buying my old frig, can't say I blame them!) I called the store and was told by Jerome (the manager) it wasn't their fault what was delivered inside the box, they have no control of that. What kind of appliances does this company sell??? Scratch and dent and rejects???? I went to the store to cancel me order. I was told by the Manager Jonathan they don't show any other available in the warehouse but he would give me a definite answer within 24/48 hours on a good one and would do whatever it would take to keep our business. Well guess what it has now been three days and no one has called me about when I will get a refrigerator. Of course Jonathan was not in! I called 12/17 to cancel my order and conveniently the manger is out to lunch(at 3:50 PM?) and he is the only one that can cancel my order. I called customer service and their response was the same! I have never been so aggravated with a company in my life! I finally got a call from HH Gregg, they can get me a Refrig after Christmas, thanks but NO THANKS! Do not do business with this company, save yourself a lot of aggravation! They will tell you anything to get your money and you have to jump through hoops to get it back! It is now 12/29 and I still don't have my refund. I went to Lowes and got a refrigerator in three days delivered to my home without and problems what-so-ever, they were wonderful!

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      14th of Apr, 2009
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    ### happens like that all the time with appliances, its not the company selling the goods its the manufactures who make them and pack them for transport... and a company (HHgregg) does not want to make you write a check your ###ing card has a daily limit next time you are planning to make a big purchase call the bank that endorses your card and lift the limit on transaction size. 2nd if you don't see a display on the floor and you want something other than the 75 different ones they have for sale don't ### about the time frame of getting it. I bet you did not buy the exact same model at Lowes because you would have to of waited 3-5 weeks depending on brand i know i used to work for them doing special orders on appliances . So you had a bad experience just note they did try to accommodate you most of the other guys in town would of been a lot worse if the situation was switched.

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      20th of May, 2012
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    Travis, who the hell do you work for HH Gregg? Give me a break! Retailers should check what the heck they are selling to a customer before they sell it, in my experience this weekend with HH Gregg, the snake oil salesmen I got tried to sell me electronics as Open Box theat were clearance items with missing components. This is pure nonsense, a retailer should have some sense, after all, a customer DOES NOT have to buy from them, there are plenty of stores to choose from with good customer service. I just cancelled my delivery from HH Gregg after I found out the $2500 TV they were selling me has missing items. If they give me a hard time about giving my money pal American Express will make sure they dont get their money for trying to mislead me through this sale. Never again HH Gregg fool me once...!

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