Hertz / unauthorized credit card charges

We gave our car in service and were using rental car from HERTZ in July 2016. Once our car was fixed, we were told by Hertz to leave the car in Adams Collision parking lot and someone will pick it up from there, soon after this information was provided, I had called Hertz and I was advised to drop the car at their center.
The next morning, I was very frustrated and I took the car to the Elgin Hertz Location, completed all the paperwork and handed over their rental car to them. Needless to say, the manager of that facility was very uncooperative and rude (no such thing as great customer service with them).
Now we keep getting bills from Hertz to pay $350.00 for the tow charges on a car that never got towed. We are not being provided information or documents to prove which car they towed. Their customer service department is not able to assist.
They have sent the bill to collections and now there is a notice that came in the mail today stating they are rescinding our privileges to rent from HERTZ. I am very disappointed with the way this matter was handled.
Although everything got done the way I was directed to, HERTZ is not able to show the proof of what they towed and continue to ask me to pay the tow charges.
I am very close to filing a law suit for harassment and unethical behavior, but I am going to first try and resolve it by submitting a complaint and a letter to CEO.

Mar 27, 2017

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