Hertz / the left me stranded in the middle of nowhere

My rental car got a flat tire right beside an abandon building in Philadelphia so I called Hertz' customer service line. The guy on the phone assured me that a tow truck is on the way to get me in 16 minutes. I wasn't angry or worried then because I thought help was on the way. 20 minutes passed and I got a call from AAA (a tow truck company) telling me that there is a delay and they would be there in 20 minutes. 40 minutes went by and no call or car came. I got really hungry and called AAA back. I got an automated answering machine that said "unfortunately no agent is available to assist you at the moment." I figured they would call me when they arrive so I went to grab McDonald's which was only 3 minutes away. I came out and the car was gone. It was pouring rain then and it was dark. I was shaking with fear when I came out and the car was missing.I had noone to call because I was on vacation. I was in tears! I called Hertz back. Apparently the tow truck guy just came and picked up the car. He didn't care if the person driving the car was dead or alive. The guy told me to call the cab and get to the airport. All my stuff would be there. I got there and had to wait 40 minutes because there was a lot of people needing a car then and they were short staff. I waited patiently because I didn't want to cut people off. I got to the line and gave the guy the key of the car and asked him "how could you guys abandon a woman in the middle of nowhere like that?" He said it wasn't him that was on the phone with and that he'd get the manager. The manager came and got me a new car and he told me he'd get someone to take me to the other section of the rental area where my previous car was so that I could get my stuff. When we got there the guy at the gate said everything is closed and that I have to get my stuff the day after. The guy that took me there told me that the manager had said that to him. I told him I wanted my stuff then. All these happened at 5 :30 and it took them 5 hour to tell me that can't get my stuff? Why would your manager send me there then? The guy asked me why I was shouting at him? I said "because you work for the company. " That's when he told me he doesn't work for the company. He called me a stupid b###h. His exact words were "reverse your car you stupid b###h. I'll beat the crap out of you and run you over with my car"

My question now is, are you allowed to say that to a person? Why would a manager of a company send a guy who isn't working for his company to help a customer? I did not curse at him even once.

Dec 06, 2016

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