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Reserved a 4 passenger, 2 bag convertible 3 months before I wanted the rental.
Arrived on time at Hertz to collect and was told only a 2 seater is available. When I pointed out I made the reservation 3 months ago, the manager just shrugged and said it's this or nothing. I am " Gold" member and have been for 2O years. I will now put Hertz at the bottom of the list for all my private and corporate rentals.
The manager of the store was disinterested, unhelpful and condescending. She really couldn't care less. We rented elsewhere.
Not I am ABH, anyone but Hertz thanks to her attitude. We all know stuff happens but it's how the situation is dealt with that is a true mark of a company's quality and professionalism or in Hertz's lack of. The

Oct 17, 2017

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