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My name is Sheryl White. Today dropped my car off at Classic Collision in Union City around 2pm, I was told that since I had state farm insurance, that Hertz would pick me up and transport me to their location in Union sitting. I waited 3 hours, no one came. Finally some one from Classic Collision had to drop me off to pick up my rental ( this was appalling). When I arrived I asked the two young ladies why no one showed to pick me up and their answer was "Calvin said he went by there but no one was waiting", well that is untrue. Linda ( the lady at the front desk went to lunch and when she returned, I was still sitting there). I never left the shop and I was sitting in the window waiting. With him not showing up I missed my doctor appt., and when I got to the Hertz location in Union City he of course was not there.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Union City, GA I think this was very unprofessional, I not only had to pay for my rental (which I already knew), but now I have a missed appointment fee that has to be paid. With all of this unnecessary stress I feel that I should be compensated for the trauma Iexperienced and the rental fee. I know he lied because I was there and if the collision company had not drove me there I would have been sitting there until the place closed and left without transportation to work. This is very bad service of Hertz. Is this the kind of service Hertz practice? The two young ladies in the office was very helpful and tried to make my nightmare better, but as far as Calvin is concerned you need to talk to him, because at this point I will never rent another car from Hertz especially if I have to wait for a pick up! Your help with this matter would be deeply appreciated. My email address is [protected]

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    The two young ladies in the office were very nice

Dec 11, 2018

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