I got a rental car from Hertz local agency located on 7046 Mission St. Daly City, CA 94014. The area manager is Manuel C. Bernal. Based on my personal experience, I believe this agent is greedy and dishonest. Before I got the car, there were scratches on both rear and front bumpers. Someone slightly hit me and the rear rubber band came off. The agent got the car fixed and replaced both rear and front bumpers. The other driver's insurer just paid for the rear bumper. The hertz hired billing agency called Viking Billing Inc. to force me to pay for the remaining. They wanted me to pay for the front bumper while it was already scratched. Such a disgrace.

I spent about 2 hours talking to Hertz representatives and manager regarding the issue. They transferred me to different departments one after another. I talk to 5 people and 3 departments. What I learn from this experience is no one working at Hertz wants to help you to solve for the problem. They just know exactly how to transfer you to other department. Finally, i was transferred back to Viking Billing Inc and ended leaving a voice mail. What I can tell about my personal experience with Hertz is I hope the CEO of the company spare a little time to really dig into any unethical problems and try to solve them before unhappy customers tell their friends and families regarding the experiences.

Thank you,

May 05, 2017

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