Hertz Rent - A - Car / hertz affiliation in sacramento, california

Sacramento, CA, United States

my husband and i had just spent 11 and a half hours at houston airport prior to arriving in sacramento.we went to the hertz rent a car establishment in sacramento, took there by the airport shuttle.we presented our insurance card which clearly states we would be covered.the attendent didnt even look at the card, and proceeded to tell us we had to buy their insurance and ours wasnt any good.we are 74 years old, we were exhausted by our horrified experiecene in houston, so we told the lady our insurance would cover the insurance compliance but as i said she didnt look at the card we presented to her.we were then told to buy their insurance.then they didnt have the courtesy to show us where the car was .it was around 8oclock at night.the parking lot was overwhelming to us.finally she ran out of the office to show us where the car was.i know there is a stipulation that we had to complain 24 hours after renting the car.we were not told that.all in all was a horrible experience from a respectable business such as hertz.thank you roy norman

Jul 17, 2016

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