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Hertz / hertz rental issues in arizona

1 United States

Not one issues on my latest experience with Hertz, but two;
1. I picked up a Grand Caravan at PHX Sky Harbor with a drop off at a location in Sedona AZ. When I went to the Sedona location to drop off the car, the shop where the car was to be dropped off no longer working with Hertz (the shop people's reason was that Hertz made too many mistakes and had no customer service to support the business relationship). So after 5 phone calls, 9 people and 90 minutes later I finally got someone to tell me to return the car to Flagstaff AZ, 60 minutes from the Sedona location. My answer was, sorry not going to happen as my contact with Hertz was to drop the car off in Sedona at the mutually agreed upon location. So I talked with the shop where the car was supposed to be returned and they told me to drop it off at the Sedona airport. 3 more phone call, 5 more people and 45 minutes later, I finally got a women to understand the situation and said "drop the car off at the airport and leave the keys under the passenger side seat". An hour later I received calls from AAA saying they were on the way to help me and stay with the car? Of course by this time, I had dropped off the car and tried to get back to my vacation. Turns our Hertz told AAA that the car was at the Sedona drop off location and that is where they went to pick up the car. Surprise! No car at the shop. More phone calls from AAA, and I told the representative what happened and she also said, yea, sounds like something Hertz would do. Then, the next day I received a call from Hertz, asking about the whereabouts of the car and for another 30 minutes and talking with 3 people I was finally told, "please just return the car to Flagstaff". Incompetence at it's best.

2. As mentioned I picked up a Grand Carazan at Sky Harbor. My original reservation was for a SUV, but due to the amount of luggage, I went on-line and changed it to a van a week before the reservation date. I am a 5 Gold five star member, whatever that is worth, so normally pick up the car in the lot after getting my name from the board. My name wasn't on the board so I went in and talked with an agent to get the Caravan and she instructed me where to get the car. No problem. Except, three days after picking up the Caravan and after two days with dealing with Hertz representatives on the phone, I got another call from Hertz asking where the SUV was that I rented from Sky Harbor. Oh yea, and my American Express not only was charged with the Caravan charge but also the SUV. Additionally I received additional charges for extra days on the SUV ($100/day). So after 3 more phone calls (by the way, I have records of all these calls and the duration), 5 more people finally someone said, sorry for the mistake it will be taken care of. But it wasn't. I received another call on the 4th day asking where the SUV was and warned that I was getting charged for extra days. Guess what, 2 more calls and 4 more people and finally got someone that said it would be taken care of. But it wasn't, because I received an email from Hertz that $1600 was charged to my AMEX. Three more calls to Hertz and finally someone said they would fix it. Not that I believe what the representative said.

Dec 31, 2017

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