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I had my card charged twice causing my bank account to be negative over $300. A charge for $391 (Incorrect price) and $213 (Correct price). When Manager Shawn BNA Nashville Airport stated he would credit my account to correct previous Hertz Central Reps error.(Philippines Rep. Lauren & Jill Escalations Supervisor ) DID NOT HELP. The rep I contacted on 11/22 (Philippines Rep Hertz Central (a guy didn't get his name and didn't know I needed to) didn't authorize my card for my rental renewal causing my deposit to be used and me upon calling to renew my rental 11/29 as I previously done before to be quoted one quote for over $400 and the next $391. All in all Hertz error... Help I need my account clear of incorrect charges. And lastly I was guaranteed I would get back my $200 deposit per Manager Shawn Hertz BNA Nashville.

Nov 29, 2016

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