Hertz / hertz car sales

Bensalem, PA, United States

i wanted to buy a car for my daughter. I called on June 29th to make sure the car that I was interested in was available and ready to be bought. I completed the online application for financing ahead of time because I was going to be coming from 90 mins away (Middletown, DE to Bensalem, PA). I called that morning to make sure we were good to go. It took over 2.5 hours to get to the dealership because of weekend traffic. We arrived around 5pm. As I arrived the sales man told me the car was not available (bearing had gone out). I was VERY upset. The salesman said NOTHING to me. Turned and looked to the other salesman and said, "so you are off, what are you getting into tonight".

I was livid.

We left. Not looking at any other cars. The sales people seemed more interested in their social lives than selling us a car. And we had driven SO far.

On the drive home I noticed another hertz dealership in south philly. Since I had already done the financing application, and that dealership also had several cars that fit the budget and need we were looking for AND I was set on buying a car that day, we called the dealership. We could have been there in 15 mins. They were closing in 45. We were told by the financing manager, Preston, that he would NOT sell us a car that evening. That the paperwork 'takes 2 hours' and we could come back the next day.

I just wanted to let cooperate know that the sales people were very disappointing. I cried the whole way home. Not only did I envision driving up, picking up the car that looked perfect for my 16 year old, but I was stopped at every step of the process. To me, it seemed simple. I was approved. I was intent on buying something and did not mind spending a few extra minutes getting the deal done.

It is a shame that they made me feel that way. I ended up buying a car this morning at a competitor's dealership. They were willing to come in early and sell me a car. I will not recommended Hertz to anyone I know. Or be looking to buy from you from the other 3 children I have, or my 3 nieces OR any of their friends. In my opinion this was a very big mistake to treat someone so poorly and was the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.

There is no resolution. Its too late to sell me a car and I have no need to rent one. I just wanted your company to know their sales policies should be reviewed and customer service is very poor.

Jul 01, 2017

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