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This is just one of many complaints I have about the hertz agency at the duluth airport. I returned a car I had rented for an extended period of time under an "unlimited mileage" contract. The car was a few years old with many miles on it when I rented it. When I returned it, the location manager gave me a very hard time about the number of miles I had put on the vehicle. A few months later I received a letter saying I would be held responsible for "damages done to the vehicle". I had reported a rock chip in the windshield, but the bill was for damage to other parts of the car that did not occur while it was in my posession. I feel wholeheartedly that this damage claim was "punishment" for the number of miles I put on their car.

Needless to say I will no longer be renting vehicle from this location.

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  • Mi
      Oct 05, 2007

    Could not rent car

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  •   Sep 05, 2008

    Ordered a rental car from Hertz Rentals. Given one price on the phone and told that Hertz had 5 of those vehicles available for that day. Arrived at Hertz on time was told that they had no vehicles of the type that we wanted get a free upgrade to a vehicle that did not meet our needs or get a down grade to a vehicle that did not meet our needs. This was explained to us by a gentlemen at the Hertz Rental in the Tampa Bay airport with what could only be described as a "Superior" attitude. Who then acted like we were holding his line up. We took the upgrade hoping that it would have the leg room that we needed we knew the downgrade wouldn't. Got the bill receipt and noticed that the price "quoted" was not the price given. Price was almost 50% higher, my wife read back what she thought the price was before making the transaction over the phone, that is before tax, Florida tax, a Concession Fee Recovery of 15.48 never told to us up front that it would be part of our bill, nor did they give explanation of other fees FLA surcharge 7.38. Long story short 1. Misquoted price 2. Attitude of worker 3.Not the car that we had held in advance for us very uncomfortable. Wife had a hard time adjusting her seat I had no leg room and of course leg cramps. It was not the car that we had researched.

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  • Ju
      Jan 23, 2009

    Hertz only keeps the current year model or the model from the year before. Also they get rid of all high milege vehicles. So pardon me if I don't believe that Hertz gave you an old car.

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  • Ho
      Mar 29, 2009

    Sorry, rented a Sienna Van last summer for a one-way drop from Cincinnati to Philadelphia and they gave me a van that was 3 years old and 45, 000 miles on it. The steering wheel shook every time I approached 60 mph. It is all interstate driving between the the two cities, so you can imagine how much fun that drive was, especially when the speed limit was mostly 65! All they said was thanks for telling us. What a miserable trip. I will NEVER rent from Hertz again.

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  • Mu
      Sep 02, 2009

    We rented a car from Hertz for our Disney vacation. Upon check in, in Orlando we noticed a line that looked like a line for Disney world. We waited 40 minutes to reach the front of the line. Our representative did not know what she was doing. After 1 hour, we were out of there. Returning the car was even worse. There was 1 employee available to check in rental cars, and a line of at least 30 people. We decided to return our car to the desk clerk. That line was 20 minutes long. No apologies were given by the 2 employees. The shuttle bus driver kept yelling at people if he thought they brought on too much luggage. I wrote Hertz a letter they day we returned and got a response a week later, thanking me for alerting them to the situation. And they hoped to do business with me again. Are you kidding me. I will never book another Hertz rental car and will continue telling people how bad their service is.

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  • Fe
      Sep 03, 2009

    A Disney Vacation in Orlando, and you are surprised by Lines??? The most Family Touristy destination on the Planet, and you were surprised by a line. Get Real. You were out of there within an hour, that is Good! And if the agent took some time with you, it does not mean she did not know what she was doing, most likely she was ensuring everything with your booking was correct, or you were such a rude pain in the butt, that she just took her time, good on her!

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  •   Dec 27, 2009

    Good job! You will ever rent a car from hertz, again. You go, girl. Or guy. whatever the hell you may be.
    Listen, ###, next time take a bus. Maybe you will save money so that you'll spend at Disney. Don't bother renting cars no more. You suck.

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  • Ra
      Jun 14, 2010

    Orlando is a very busy place. You wait in line at the airports for your flights etc. Well all those people generally rent cars as well so it just seems to me that waiting in line in a busy city like Orlando would be common. Next time going to Central Florida, try flying into Sanford. It's not that far away and is much less busy.

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  • Il
      Oct 20, 2010

    On the 12th of October I called the 800 number for Hertz car rental and reserved a truck for 8am the 19th of October. Well the 19th comes and our local Hertz called to say they just received the order for the truck I ordered and did not have it but would call around to find one and would call me back. At 10am I called them and they told me that knowone had called and they would call around again. I call the 800 number and explained the problem to them.(they didn't seem concerned) They asked if I wanted to lodge a complaint. Of course by this time I said HELL yes. Of course I was connected to a automated line (nothing new there). So I called another car rental co. and was on the road by 10;30. They had 7 days to get it right and still [censor]ED it up. ( I saved 50.00 by going somewhere else.)

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  • Pa
      Oct 23, 2011

    this Hertz location is embarrassing to their name. couldnt be a worse experience dealing with them. I recommend anyone else inside the airport.

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  • Ka
      Jun 01, 2015

    Very unprofessional, rude, gave us a dirty, smelly rental car! The tires were bald, windshields dirty, with no wipers fluid..blades should be replaced!

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  • Ch
      Jun 01, 2015

    This is true I was given a car with trash and clothes I it. I told lady at hertz that when I took it back all she said was "I believe you"?????

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  • Me
      Dec 24, 2015

    We went to rent a car to hertz in vista ca and we have a very stressful day with them the people who work there are very arrongant indifferent they give us a very unsafe car they put my family in danger and others drivers whom I share the road and they refuse to take the car back or exchange never ever do business with this company if you want to have a good rental experience...

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  • Re
      Jan 04, 2016

    Cyprus, larnaka

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