Hertzdriver of hertz rental car involved in hit and run accident

One of your vehicles was involved in an accident on [protected] on the 6600 block of Musgrave St. The vehicle was a Toyota plate #HNH4511. I have already filed a claim #8B574954699145. A representative came out and took pictures if my car a 2003 Acura. I spoke with representative Connor Pickard on May 4 2017 who advised me I would be receiving an estimate of damages and a check in the mail and if that check wasn't enough to cover the damages, the car repair shop is to contact him and he would see to it that the balance is paid. He said if I did not hear from them by May 12th to call him. I have been calling him since Friday and he is not returning my calls. His number is [protected]. I am still waiting to hear from him after leaving numerous messages.
You may contact me Darlene Bell @ [protected].
Thank you in advance with hopefully your immediate cooperation


May 16, 2017

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