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My name is Danielle Dahan,
I rented a car from Hertz company through Priceline site on December 29 to December 31.
Rental record number: [protected]
First of all, that charged me with 63.60 $ more then I should pay for underage charge who wasn't written on the site when I put the order.
Second, after i returned the car to gainesville location, I saw a billing inquiry of 300$ more.
I made a call to the costumer relations service of hertz and they told me that's a cleaning fee!!! It's unlikely to charge someone for cleaning the car, and they explained that there was smoking fee.
So even though there was no smoking prohibited sign- No one smoke inside the car! Just out of it!
The representative that I spoked with made it 150$ instead but it's still a lot of money that I cannot effort over something I didn't do!!

I'm super upset with your services and i'm asking to undo it and give me my money back!
I rented cars few times within the US and it never happened to me before.


Nov 03, 2016

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