Hertz Car Rental / settlement of damage claim

Apple Valley, CA, United States
Contact information:

At 10:42 3/27/2017 I was involved in an accident with a car driven by Melissa Wilson [protected] who refused to provide me with adequate information about her insurance. I tried to report the accident at the Police Department but they refused to take a report stating that it had to be done by a policeman.
I went to the scene of the accident and called 911 and made a police report.
The rental contract number was #[protected] and the Florida license plate number was #CHCW52 (Hertz says it is CHTW52). As far as rental vehicle insurance, I assume each company has different policies, but we would have to contact Hertz to find out.
I got my car back from the repair shop on Monday 4/3 and went to the Apple Valley Hertz Rental place at 12218 Apple Valley Road and gave them the above information and was told that they couldn’t find anything with that license plate number and the rental contract number that Melissa gave me was not correct. They told me to get the correct numbers and come back.
I Google Hertz and called their office in Florida [protected]) and talked to Sierra. She told me that the correct license number is CHTW52. When I went back to Apple Valley with that number they found a record of it being involved in an accident but would give me no information from the accident report but told me to call [protected] to file my accident report. I did and they said they would call me back within 3 days. They didn't so I called them and was given the accident report number 8B574954509087 and told to call ESIS at [protected]. I did and was told the claim had been assigned to Andrew Rounds and I could call him at [protected]. I called and left a message on his answering machine each day for three days but he never called back as he promised to do on his answering service. I called ESIS back and talked to Christena who said she would contact Andrew and connect me with him.
Received a call from the adjuster and gave him the details of the accident. Also gave him the phone number for the Wilsons because the one he had was [protected].
Called to find out status of my claim on 3/2 and was told she would find out and call me back. Didn't.
Called again to find out status of my claim on 3/3 and was told she would find out and call me back. It was raining in Oberlin, KS and Denise had to contact Andrew Rounds who is “managing” the claim. He was not yet in and she had no access to claim information even though she is in “customer service”. She never called back.
I called [protected] and, since none of the options fit my problem, I selected 6. He worked for a company that is contracted by Hertz but not to handle my problem. He transferred me to [protected] where I was met with another half dozen choices that didn't relate to my problem. I was told to press 5 to talk to a representative. When I did I was told to e-mail Hertz at

May 3, 2017

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