Hertz / car rental requiring a hard credit check when clearly not stated on website

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Hertz Location Manager Michael(would not give me his last name)at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport would not take my wifes Debit/credit card without filing for a credit check first requiring a hard hit against out credit score. Outrageous!! I read him the exact verbage on the Hertz Las Vegas McCarran International website that stated it was perfectly ok with proof of a returning flight coinciding with our reservation and 2 forms of ID, which she had showed him. Michael still declined to honor their reservation for her and my 13 year old daughter a car for a soccer tournament over the weekend. when the website says one thing and the unsympathetic egotistic manager says another, then the system is broken. Now you've lost our business forever and we have to fight the credit check to get the hit taken off. I'm absolutely livid with the poor customer service and lack of quality information on the website. 3/17/17 9:45pm

Mar 18, 2017

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