Hertzcar rental invoice no 78/1116534

Dear Hertz, I had a very unfortunate experience yesterday, May 18. While visiting Coimbriga Roman ruins site near Coimbra, my suitcase and daypack were stolen from my Hertz rental car. There was no damage to the car.

When I rented, the agent explicitly warned me against leaving anything in the car. It was a hatchback with the luggage covered in back, nothing was visable. The parking lot was unattended, not visible by staff.

My fault was not taking the daypack with me. It had my journal w personal info and rail tickets etc. That's the problem.

I wonder if this was a set up. When I discovered the theft, I started screaming. A man nearby with a British accent said, "the same thing just happened to me." That was the last I saw of him. These days, I doubt it would be hard to track a rental car for attack when parked in transit presumably w belongings aboard.

I have nothing. I want Hertz to use your network to find my belongings: one black Eagle Creek carry on and one orange Patagonia daypack. Please have them delivered to Hotel 1829 AS Porto, PT where I will be staying through Monday. Otherwise, I post widely, warning others.

Thank you,
John Klingman

May 19, 2017

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