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HDFC - Health Plus Credit Card / biggest mistake of my life

1 India

1. I took their health plus credit card which was the biggest mistake of my life.
2. They kept the credit card limit to only 43000 Rs. even if i did a of transactions from it.
3. Those who dont know its a paid card for which i paid 1100 RS per year as credit card fee.
4. These ###s asked me to change the due payment of 10000 RS into installments and like a fool i agreed.
5. I missed two installments when the remaining amount was 4000 Rs and they charged me with a load closing amount of 3600 Rs. Loan closing? when did i took a loan from you ###s?
6. I objected over that and denied the payment so they started another game. Their collection department keep on coming to me every time saying that if you 1500 RS we will close your account for settlement and this way they took 4000 Rs from me. So every time they keep on lying to me and i was like a fool believed them.
7. They got away with main amount of 4000 Rs and i got no settlement letter or confirmation.
8. they keep on putting the penalties on me for late payment and made it 11389 Rs now.
9. The amount 11389 Rs has nothing but all fine and penalties.
10. By the way the card is closed from last one year and they included the card fee of 1100 Rs in the statement wow... you crazy ###...
11. Unfortunately i had my salary account with HDFC bank and guess what they did... they stolen that money from saving account to settle my credit card payment with out asking me.
12. Am i safe with the banks like HDFC ? I dont think so !

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