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HDFC Credit Card / hdfc card setteled 1 yr back but still amount getting deducted by ecs

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Kindly of strange but wanted to post in this as everyone should be aware of fraudlent and cheating activities of HDFC CREDIT CARDS, i am a consultant and would be travelling a lot, a strange thing its been a long i have not checked my bank account. I found my card which was setteled for the amount of Rs 10k way 1 year back in 2017 and it is still not closed and ECS has been happening from my bank account close to around 30 k has been deducted from my bank account without any intimation.....

This is fraud and cheating activity by HDFC.




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  • Me
      26th of Apr, 2007
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    HDFC Credit Card - getting threatening calls

    Getting calls from 0731-4068031 by the name of aajay singh and akand parihar that they are going to mess up with the settlement case so severely that u will be in my trap. The calls are made momentary and at any time of work which is disturbing and time consuming and deviating me from my work. This is definitely affecting my working. The mental torture caused by them is severe and disturbing me constantly. Under impulsion if i am forced to make any pressured attack on myself, the concerned authorities will be responsible.

  • Pr
      7th of May, 2007
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    HDFC Credit Card - unjustified extra interest charge

    I am customer for HDFC from last two years and this is the 2nd time i am into a problem with this bank forget about sympathy from their CC division i have not received a single call for any complaint launched over the phone. I had recently made a payment of Rs 1200o in cash to this bank on 4th may 2017 and my due date was 5 th may 2017, now the personal banker of this bank say that the payment goes on the dummy account once you pay the amount in cash and it would take 12 hrs to reflect the amount paid on your card. When i call customer service of this bank they say that even if you make a payment on 4th may you would be charged with the interest in your next billing cycle. I don't understand I am make a payment in cash... i am paying the amount to the bank directly and not doing any 3rd party transfer... I am making the payment before the due... why should i pay the extra interest why??... Why??... Why???..

  • A
      9th of May, 2007
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    I am HDFC credit card customer since 1 year. Today I had called to your customer care, bangalore office on 08066224332 regarding my card payment. A guy named "RAFIQ" had picked up the phone. I got really very bad experience with this hopeless guy. This guy does not know how to talk to the customer. He was so arrogant while talking that he was doing some favor on me. I am requesting you to kindly take some severe action on this crap guy, so that he will understand that he is working in Customer CARE and not Customer HARASSMENT. I am going to share this with all my friends and all online groups I am registered with.

    Thank You,

  • Hd
      25th of May, 2007
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    Today I received a call from 080-66633875 asking me to pay the credit card bill. The payment was due for 1 week but the female named Ms.### spoke to me rudely. Forget the manners, she was using abusive words... Hey folks, I know to use such words better than her, but we are not like them... Hey HDFC guys, I have sent you the mail regarding this... better check that for more details... Keep it up... And don't expect us to expect ur service...

    Folks... open your account to enjoy this incredible service ;)

  • Mr
      7th of Jun, 2007
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    Yes i agree and also complaint for threating calls and filthy languages used by your credit card dept of h.d.f.c. bank. It finds us very much disappointing that without any application you people force us to take the card free without any document and thereafter you people have appointed some stupid ladies who doest not know the way of talking and give us calls before we get the statement and force us to pay min a/m due. This is ridiculous. They keep on sending us late payment fees, service charges and interest on it without any reason. We will not pay any a/m unless and until you give us proper explanation for the same. If you do not give us proper explanation i will cut my card in to pieces and send you back for which pleas be noted.

  • Mr
      7th of Jun, 2007
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    HDFC staff are classical taporis who does not the way to talk they are the goondas in the banking field

  • So
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    HDFC Credit Card - false commitments and undue harassments by hdfc credit card employees

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This is regarding complaint associated with my Credit Card. This card was issued to me in 2017-2017 that time I was in Dehradun, however due to official reasons after couple of months I was shifted to Chandigarh as a result of which I wanted to get my billing address updated however even post discussing the matter with call center same was not performed.

    As a result of which late payments were charged, as the collection team of bank somehow arranged my new contact number I started receiving calls for clearing my outstanding amount well till then no issues were there as I used to receive my billing details over the phone however when I raised my late payment charges issues it was always assured to me that I need not to pay the Late payment charges however the same was never reduced from my outstanding amount.

    Hence I finally requested to closed my Credit Card & it was then confirmed to me by tele-callers that the same would be managed & as per them I paid the minimum amount for continuous 3 months & meanwhile I neither ever used my credit card however the interest remained cumulating in my outstanding amount.

    As even post several discussions my billing was not getting stopped I cleared this thing to tele callers (Harjeet and Baljeet, both used to call from Chandigarh) that as far as paying the o/s is concern, no issues from my end however please provide me a full and final statement on your letter head at the same time I provided them my Fax number & address of communication so that same could either way provided to me.

    However instead of receiving final payment details I started receiving calls from Legal department (Mr H.S.Barat # +91 9888000533) regarding my payments, I shared my complete story with him, he assured that the NOC will be provided by him however I need to pay some amount (that time my outstanding was varying in between 33000 to 34000) and I paid Rs 14000/- post availing his assurance.
    I had a discussion with Mr h.S Barat more then 10 time all calls were initiated by me only and were actually the reminder calls from my end & eventually I provided one more contact number of Mr rajat ( +91 9358103945), the same was discussed with him as well & it was assured from both the persons that I would avail the NOC within 20-25 days as there approval process consumes some time.
    However after the commitment date with was 6th August 07, I’ve not received any details of NOC so far.

    In the end of July I had a discussion with Mr H.S Barat & he confirmed me over the phone that approval for closing my credit card has been received & final amount is Rs 36000/- out of which you have paid Rs 14000/- now you need to pay Rs 22000/-

    Till now I was so much harassed so I didn’t raise any point from my end & I committed to pay the same amount just for the sake of getting away from all this.

    However till date (20th August 07) no NOC is received so far & again I’ve started receiving calls from tele-callers i.e. the point from where my case was started it is now back to same point.

    Now even when I’m trying to contact Mr H.S Barat or Mr Rajat they are not attending my calls, & have sent some messages as well however no response is there.

    Besides my credit Card, I also took a personal loan of Rs 150000/- from HDFC bank in 2017-2017 & trust me no issues are there... my saving account from which auto debit happens is 2251050019655. & so far no dispute or late payment or delay in payment of EMI happened from my end. Infect will never happen in future, I’ve been using services of HDFC for last more then four years however the experience of Credit Card is very bitter.

    People handing credit card division are very unprofessional, I’m myself heading Billing & Collections function in telecom however such delays in closing issues in our industry are next to crime.

    Moreover false commitments always lead to dissatisfactions, expecting some customer sensitive employee of HDFC to look into the matter.

    +91 9857199230

  • Di
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    I am a HDFC credit card holder for last 2 yrs with a smooth record of my bill payment.

    Last month, I started getting calls from one agency(bill collection) from M.G Road, Secunderabad(phone no: 040-66389119 manely, some lady called Kala who has been harrassing me day in and day out and have also threatened me by saying ''I will send people at your residence'' and the worst irony is - I did a cheque payment dated:1st of December'07 which got cleared from my ICICI bank on 5th of December'07 of 10,000/-.

    Even after that I continued getting such insulting calls. As per the latest RBI rules, I am not supposed to be harrassed in such a way before at least 6 months of me being the defaulter.

    If this is not addressed immediately, I have to resort to media, consumer forum to address my grievances.

    I expect an immediate apology to that effect.

    Diya Banerjee

  • Ge
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    HDFC Credit Card - getting a card frauds
    HDFC bank

    I hold a savings account at HDFC bank,Porur,Chennai,India.I was trying to get a credit card from this bank.I initially gave the filled forms and documents to them 2 months ago.One week later someone from another branch came to my house without revealing which branch he belongs to took my details again as the first one was misplaced it seems..Subsequently I started receviing calls form many branchs of HDFC in Chennai telling me other brach applications are not valid and only the credit card processing branch is valid etc;
    They are still sending people to my house or keep calling me to apply again for a Platinum card saying they will make it lifetime free.
    When I checked with my parent HDFC beach at Porur they said that they are not sure where my application got lost and I have to reapply again.This has been going on for 3 months now.
    Any cmments?

  • An
      5th of May, 2008
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    HDFC Credit Card - no approval letter

    I was holding the HDFC Womens's Gold Card.Since, January I am not using the card.I wanted to have the final settlement done .I called up many times in customer care but they said that they would forward it but since last 5 months no action had been taken.I got a call from a DSA, collection department.They toldme to give Rs.1800 cash, my card cut in 4 pieces and an application stating the issue . And she promised me that I will get the letter of approval for final settlement within a week.Today, I called in the customer care dept and now again she hadt old me that she would forward the requestand also given me the number for billing division .This number is engaged and I ahve been trying since 1 hr.I am requesting the concerned person to please look in to this matter as I am ready to pay the exact amount which I have spent but why should I pay the amount which is a delay from the bank side .I am really surprised to see the services provided by such a famous and reknown bank.This would surely bring abad name to the bank!!!

  • Ra
      27th of May, 2009
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    i have very very bad service from hdfc, i have credit card i purchase bajaj allainze mediclaim policy from credit card online i have very very big problem please please short out this problem my name-rakesh agarwal-9890184338

  • Ji
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I also Sattle my account 7 months back but they did not closed .After 8 months i got a SMS saying Anther 8k is pending..While i don't have to pay any thing...

    Sill they are not ready to close the card...The are saying i have to pay anther 8k...
    This is realy fraud activity of the bank...
    Please i request u all be allert ...and raise ur voice against HDFC...


  • Su
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    HDFC Credit Card - misguide from hdfc bank

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I Credit Card Holder of HDFC Bank vide credit card no. 4346 7720 0791 8849, credit card limit was 25000/- but credit card department transferred Rs. 10000.00 in my HDFC Saving account no.00321050118928 as a loan amount without any prior discussion with me. After that CC department charged the loan installment amount from my credit card statement, that was not clarify in the statement ? than I was rang up to customer care regarding the same and follow up regularly for explain the statement. Department was said our executive will be come to you and explain your queries but till date and time nobody came. After that I stopped the credit card payment than, department clearly explain the same on telephonic than I was agreed with them. Outstanding was settlement amount of Rs. 19600/- than I given to them 4PDC of the Rs. 4900/-each to their executive because on 28th April'2017 my marriage ceremony. But CC department sent 2 cheques in my account rest of two cheque they were not sent for the settlement. Once again CC Department follow up with me for the payment. I told to them that I had already given cheques in advance but they refused to accept the same beyond all of that I told to them you can send your executive I will pay in cash but they didn't sent any executive for the same. After sometime department debited Rs. 6315.00 from my HDFC bank account without any my permission through setting with HDFC bank department. regularly continue the harassment call to me, I am very frustrated & paid the balance settlement amount Rs. 3485 in cash statement details is under- Settlement Amount 19600 Paid by Cheque 4900.00 Paid by Cheque 4900.00 Debited frm Bank 6315.00 Paid in Cash 3485.00 Total paid 19600.00 Balance 0.00 Last amount I paid after agreed that CC Department will not liable for any balance & not will be sent the balance cheque (Misplaced by the CC Department) in my account said by Ms. Anupma & Mr. Abhisek Verma Contact no. 01145036600, 9312563546 & 41809383. Sir/Madam Now CC department also rang me regarding the recovery of as a finance charges & said me we will be again hold your saving bank account. They told me that settlement was valid upto June'09. but I paid the last amount after clearly discussion & agreed on only paid the settlement amount. I have a Personal loan & vehicle loan from the same Bank since two years but I was never defaulter. Sir I am very depress from HDFC bank credit card department. Please make good decession for the benefit for the consumer like me.

    Sushil Kumar

  • De
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    HDFC Credit Card - use costic remarks for payments to me and to my family
    HDFC Credit Card

    The manager
    Credit card division
    Hdfc credit card.

    Respected sir,

    This to to inform you myself debasish chakraborty using your credit card no-5243681000288699
    I am very sorry to say that last 3 years I am useing your credit card and I am pay the amount as per your statement, some times I am pay the minimum amount to you but last 2 months I am defoliators due to some unseen circumstances.
    In that connection I am pay my last minimum payments last month on 23rd but this month I am yet not pay the amount.

    Several times I am request to your collection team that please give me some times to pay that.. But today your person use me some nasty words even to my wife. On 10.31 a. M some lady like moutusi she says she is the manager. She tell me I am cheater, she tell me and ma wife that she send some person to my house for collection even she says that it is bound to pay tomorrow.

    Not only that she tell me to complain any where because she says it is does not matter for her.
    Hope all conversation are recorded so please here that conversation this is my request to you. I am also recorded that conversation. Several times she tell me about my age, my cust, she says I am a thick skin man, she says to my wife that your husband are not up the mark because he use our money but not yet pay.
    More thing she like to challenge to me to pay. Even she tell that by any circumstances your bank recover from me by hook and crook.

    I am saying several time to give me some times but she says tell me that day but now my position is not to mention that day particularly because I am not in a position.

    I am saying that by any circumstances I pay that amount within march and like to settle that amount but she says this is not possible.

    Now what I am doing. She give me the ultimatums to pay within 22nd of this month.

    Sir please help me to pay properly. I am not like to cheat your amount but please give me some times.

    I am awaiting for your help. Please tell me the solution. I am also talk with one advocate about this and like to complain to rbi also. Because that lady threaten me and my family today about this payments.
    Now what I am doing. Please contact with me as soon as possible. Because that lady again start on 22nd.

    Thanking you
    With regards
    Debasish chakraborty
    Mob no-09903845253

  • Mu
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    HDFC Credit Card - harasement for settlement

    I had Lost my credit card and somebody have misused and for which I have sent the letter and got it blocked. It as this matter is in bangalore and I stay in Mumbai I had asked for Change of my permanent address and an early payment.
    I am sorry to inform you that even with repeated requested letter from me I did not receive any letter regarding the above settlement discussion.
    So I request you to sent the reason for Why you are delaying the above settlement.
    Also there is no proper way to corresponed or lodge a compliant as the HDFC are not organised people.
    An early settlement regarding this is expecting from your side or else I have to file a complaint aganist the same.

  • Ra
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    Could you please let me know whats the problem all abt


    so that i can sort it out

  • Ra
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    I am sorry to tell you that they will never give you time. you can email me at [protected]

    I will help you further


  • Ra
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    you can get in touch with me at [protected] for further assistance on this issue


  • Sa
      11th of May, 2010
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    HDFC Credit Card - harrasement by collection executive

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Ashish Singhania and was a credit card holder with HDFC bank (card No. 5176 5210 0338 0617). There has been a dispute going on with the bank since 2017 for over promising, no customer service, debiting account purchase which are not made my me, putting wrong bank charges and pushing a good customer towards defaulting stage. I had logged a compaint about the same with the bank officials but there was no response to any of my grienvance. hence, I stopped making payments.

    After a year when i received a collection call, i had reminded them for faults made by bank employees and lack of coordination with customer. After due discussion with abnk official, we agreed for a settlement amount which Bank official promised to collect with from me and handover settlement letter. Suprisingly, again bank officail failed to collect the payment and this happened couple of time.

    During this transactions, i felt that bank officials never wanted to settle the claim but kept pushing me towards defaulter list and intended to collect big money along with interest for no fault of mine. whenever i have received a call from bank, I always cooperated with them and tried to settle the account but bank offcial never acted upon the promises they made.

    Recently, I have started getting threatening calls from a lady named, Miss. Priya who quoated herself to be hadfc employee, kanjurmarg, mumbai office - tel no. 022-65149567. She has made more than 100 calls in 5 hours on 10th May 2017 to my office number and started jeopardysing my image and started harrasing me. She not only made calls to me but also to different people in the company and started disclosing my financial information to other and created an embarrassing environment for me. I was also threatend that if I do not make 100% payment without any discussion, then calls will be on forever to my company numbers. This is been a big mental harrsement and preasure like someone is threatening to pay else your image in professional & social community will be ruined.

    I believe every bank is regulated by Indian goverment and has legal process to deal with any dispute with the customer. Not everytime, customers are at fault, even banks officail may make faults. if a customer is trying to highlight banks's mistake, should a customer face such agony and receive threatening calls. Should a bank employee reveal financial informaiton to people unrelated to the customer. Does bank have right to receover money from disputed case by harrassing & threatening their customers...

    Kindly help me in this regard, as the lady is frantically disturbing my social image and creating mental presure rather than finding a solution to the dispute. I also request that bank should appoint a sensible perosn to understand customer grievance and find a win win solution to the dispute instead of disturbing social peace of their customers.

    Thank you for attending my grievance and looking forward to your support. If required, I can be contacted at +919004077949 or ashish.[protected]

    Awaiting your support & reply.


    Ashish Singhania

  • Rs
      21st of Jun, 2010
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    HDFC Credit Card - harassment
    HDFC BANK Credit Card Division

    Dear HDFC Credit Card Complaints Manager,

    I am writing you this mail for some action to be taken from your side. If you can't then please let me know, i'll take some legal action.

    My name is Rashmi Sharma and i am holding a Credit card of HDFC from past 3 -4 years now. No late payments or defaults had happened on my card since day 1. But still, your people keep on harrasing me using abusive and filthy language for me and my family . This is happening from past 7-8 months. I have given several complaints to your deptt. but no action has been taken from your side.

    Rather, i dont know, why your collection deptt. is calling me. They are calling me for the overdue payment on the card of my brother Mr. Raju Dhiman. First of all, no data has been provided to your Delhi deptt. that i am his sister. They have taken it out from their own data base. No where, it is mentioned in the legal papers that in case of delay in payments by my brother- ur people can call me and harass me. I am receiving these calls from 011- 41514332 and same series nos.

    Once due to high fever, when i told the lady that she should not call me as i am not well, on that she asked for my parents number.

    On being told that i would not like someone to call up my parents and use filthy language as he is a high BP patient- she said-" tera kya sara khandaan bimaroon ka hai, number de apne baap ka, dekh aaj to mein use hospital bhej ke rahoongi. tab tere bhai ko akal aayegi, sala harami, ... apne apko kya samjhta hai...wo nhi to uska baap aur sali maa sahi...inhi sale haramiyon ne usko paida kiya hai. Aur tu sali ...kutiya ...etc. ...uski behen hai, to aur zyada bhugtegi"

    I was really shocked to hear such an abusive language from the mouth of a lady and that too from such abig organization as HDFC.

    The same people are calling me again and again and using the same filthy and abusive language even after launching several complaints in your customer care deptt. I received a call today also. And always on the due date for the payment of my brother's card, i am receiving such calls. Am i responsible for the same?

    Now, please suggets me what should i do? Should i go to the legal authorities and logged a complaint for mental harrasment against you guys.

    I dont want to receive such calls in the near future and if it happens then seriously, i have to take some legal action against you guys. Its very easy to locate your collection center by a phone number, the center from which i am receiving the calls.

    Rashmi Sharma
    Credit card no. : ####

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