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Last month on 28th of September there has been two deductions from my account no: [protected] 1st is 500rs and 200rs on the same very day. Which according to the CCE is showing to be a cash withdrawal but I never did that transaction, and m sure nobody else can do DAT without knowing my pin number. We ideally receive a sms. In our registered number for the transaction but for those two transactions nothing came into me which would make me aware of it..

And again on this very month I had 114rs in my account as of 01.10.2016, then a friend of mine sent me 1500rs in DAT account on 22.10.2016 from that on 24.10.2016 I transacted 1200rs after DAT my balance shows to be 197rs and the rest of the amount is said to be kept as mi revenue hold which is something noone know wat that really is..

I request, please look into the matter very closely because its becoming a big trouble for both the customers and the good name of the company..

HDFC Bank Ltd
HDFC Bank Ltd

Oct 26, 2016
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  • Hd
      Oct 28, 2016

    Dear Customer,

    I have tried to contact you on your registered mobile number however could not get through.

    The debit entries in your savings account(s), which shows withdrawals, have been made using the debit card at the ATM. The usage of the debit card is incumbent on the PIN number, which is essential for operating the card. The said PIN is privy only to the customer and except the customer nobody else can access the Debit Card and withdraw funds without the knowledge of the customer. Further, the said PIN needs to be kept discreetly by the customer without the same being shared with any person or persons as it may result in the Debit Card being misused. The misuse of the Debit Card in ATMs cannot happen without a possible compromise of PIN number.

    Based on above information provided, the bank will not be able to bear the liability for the disputed transactions. We are however ready to offer our support by providing details of transactions, date, time, locations and all such data that could be useful for any investigation/ natural progression of the case.

    Further, We would like to inform you that when you use your HDFC Bank Debit Card at other Bank ATMs within / outside India or at a merchant outlet outside India, and the transaction gets declined due to insufficient funds, the chargesof Rs. 25 per transaction (plus taxes) are levied. As per our records, such declined transaction was attempted four times on October 02, 2016 for which these charges of Rs. 28.75 were levied to you on October 25, 2016. For further assistance you may mail us at [protected]

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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  • Ra
      Mar 27, 2017

    we continue call to customer case but nobody response

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  • Es
      Apr 18, 2017

    Hi sir this month 10th April I transfer money to my friend account with bhim app but the money is deposited but still not credited in account so pl kindly tell me what happen I tried to contact hdfc customer care number but no response so plz this is transferred details [protected] what problem

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  • An
      Jul 14, 2017

    Dear sir my name is Anand chikkamani my a/c no:[protected] I draw the amount in atm for 4000rs but amount deducted in my account but amount not coming in atm I draw the atm name Karur vasya bant in chandhapur Bangalore District pin code is 560099 plz check and refund my amount plz sir thanks urs faithfully Anand chikkamani

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