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Harley Davidson / not willing to work with owners

1 RI, United States Review updated:

Is there anyone else in the US that is having to deal with Harley Davidson after they repo a bike?
I had my bike repo'ed (after trying to work with them to satisfy the loan and keep it current)
I had lost my job and couldnt make the whole payment. they wouldnt work with me at all
Harley auctioned the bike- WITHOUT A RESERVE
and obtained less than what was owed on the loan (is this even legal)
now i am getting nasty mail and phone calls (polly would be the person calling me)
Doesnt Harley have any clue that the economy is not the greatest and that they have to
work with familes that are willing to work with them. Does anyone out there have any
experience dealing with them on this matter?

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  • Em
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    Harley Davidson have he right to sell the bike at auction without a reserve price if you fall behind with your payments. They don't have to work with you if they do not want to. They can ( and will) also come after you for the remainder of the loan. I am sure that they did not recieve the amount that you owe for the bike at auction. You bought something you couldn't afford. If you have to make payments you can't afford it. Your bike was a want and not a need. You should learn from this experience. if you can't buy it outright you cannot afford it. Harley Davidson did nothing wrong and certainly nothing illegal.

  • Wa
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Emma, your attitude makes it sound like you work for harley. first off if your logic was correct most of the people driving wouldn't own a car. and most people would live in a box under a bridge because almost everyone has a house payment or rent. credit is what makes this country go round, this is why the government is trying so hard to get lending going again, If you read his post you would have seen he lost his job, and thus this is the reason he could not make the payments,

    I see harley has thier hand out to the government, they want the government to step in and help them, but they don't want to help thier customers. Kind of a double standard if you ask me..

    To answer the original post... yes they are within thier rights, do I think they are morraly wrong for being the way they are YEP, but not much the little guy can do. hang tough buddy, and hopefully things will work out for you...

  • To
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    Hey folks ...I am afraid Emma does not have a clue...nor does she have compassion for her fellow man. To bad Emma ...bad carma is hard to swallow when a plate full sits in front of YOU.(hope his troubles do not befall you). Emma not every one lived above their meens, although credit was handed out freely by the banks...kinda like a evil comhither. Many of us live our lives on a common ground w/our nieghbors...we work all week and play on the weekends the bills some where in between.I have watched the bottom drop out of the economy here in Las Vegas, NV. and I am not sure it is done yet. I know lots of people who had $$ in stocks that was working toward their retirement...then watched in horor as it went down the tubes with the market fall.In one day 90 men from one trade were layed off at the fountain blue because the banks will not honor a loan contract w/the developers. Thats is just one job closing in one town is that way every where. What does this have to do w/ Mr Rhode Island ...well maybe just maybe this guy is one of us commom folk that went to work one day and the door was locked. Frankly gal you have some nerve. God bless you and keep you and your family safe from the hard ships that have hit so many of our brothers and sisiters that stand in the same line ...the unemployement line...don't look now or youll see a senior or two having a hard time standing there waiting his turn...have a care madame and think of others feelings and the troubles that may plague them before you spew out your cold, hartless, callaous and inconsiderate comments.Sincerely hayden, a harley owner...that likes his neighbors.

  • 11
      13th of Feb, 2010
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    harley sucks as far as being fare to its customers. i purchased a used bike from a dealer the price was18, 500 i put 2000.00 down and took there warrenty that by the way i got ripped off on never used it and never got my 1500.00 back. any way i was rear ended by a drunk driver in my car he had no insurance. i was hurt bad my back and shoulder were dislocated anyway i was off work for 1 year i made full payments for 6 mos and then made half payments for 6 mos every day during the half payments harley called me and told me that i was the biggest piece of ### alive all the while im trying to pay. so finally after countless repo men the sheriff and every one you could think of came to my house trying to get the bike. i decided to take the bike to a junk yard and crush it and i did i sent the remains and the video tape to harley and told them to kiss my ### and after that when i got back to work i purchased an 1100 honda shadow ### HARLEY AND ALL WHO WORK THERE. oh by the way i made 68 payments at 380.00 per month so lets see thats 25, 840 dollars that they got . any hondas for ever!!!

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